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Gluten Free

Welcome to the Gluten-Free section of our co-op. We are thrilled to be offering delicious, affordable and popular gluten-free foods for our gluten-free community! 

And those of you from Gluten Free World Expo - a HUGE WELCOME and we are so excited that you found us and excited to be a part of your community as well. 

Please note that nearly all of our meat products are also gluten-free except where otherwise noted. So you are safe to shop nearly our entire site!! But this section is dedicated to alternative prepped foods to popular everyday foods for our GF community. 

But because almost nearly all of our products are GF, this means that there is so much more than just these foods that are available for your family! The meats are all packed in dedicated facilities (except where otherwise noted) and they have not come into contact with gluten products. So be sure to grab your fresh meat options too!