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Price Drop: 15 lb Case of 1/3 lb The Cloud Burger Patty: Signature Chopped Beef Steak Patties

Price Drop: 15 lb Case of 1/3 lb The Cloud Burger Patty: Signature Chopped Beef Steak Patties

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Direct Co-op Bulk Discount Price is $127.35 lb for a 15 lb case. VIP Insider members receive an additional 5% off for $120.98 per case.

This is a 15 lb case with 45 ct 1/3 lb patties made from high-quality chopped beef steak. This is dubbed "the freshest frozen burger" and one of the most popular and requested BBQ items for our co-op! So we have brought it to you again after not offering it for 7 months.

This is the burger industry's first and revolutionary craft burger experience with "The Cloud Burger: The Freshest Frozen Burger." Weighing in at a 1/3 lb hefty, hearty craft burger - you will LOVE this at-home burger experience!

These are the official cloud burgers of craft burger restaurants across the country. And you will know that these are the real deal when you grill them up!

Consistent with the rest of our high-quality products we source and bring to our communities, we have sourced the best-frozen burger patties on the market. These are not typically sold in a retail market as they are sourced for fine burger restaurants known for craft burgers for the enjoyment of their customers. But with our food co-op, we have sourced them directly, for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home saving money and convenience! Topped with your favorite burger toppings, you can have that hand-crafted, signature craft burger!

The Cloud Burger has created an industry-first and innovative process that they have patented as "the Freshest Frozen Burger" because once we begin the cooking process, it quickly melts and cooks into a beautiful burger patty with a texture that tastes hand-formed. As such, you can find no better frozen burger on the market!

In fact, in cook-offs of all kinds from gas grills to flat-top grills to pan-frying, this burger won every taste and cook-off test against other frozen burgers on the market. This savory burger treat has the fresh from the butcher and handcrafted experience!

And along with that, you can find the best price on these burgers for at-home cooking because we have sourced them directly at bulk, co-op pricing for the benefit of our entire Utah community! That is something to get excited about in the world of burgers!

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