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NEW: 12 lb Orange Chicken Meal Kit, 2- 4 lb bags of Tempura Chicken, 4-1 lb bag of Sauce

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is $57.99 per 12 lb case. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off for $55.09 per case.


 Brand new Orange Chicken Meal Kit!

Each case comes with 2 - 4 lb of Tempura Chicken and

4 - 1 lb Sauce! 

Enjoy convenience and savings when you buy the NEW 12 lb Orange Chicken Meal Kit. Included are two 4 lb bags of Tempura Chicken and four 1 lb bags of Orange Chicken Sauce. The perfect meal kit for an easy dinner - get dinner on the table in no time.

 Crispy Tempura Chicken Whole Muscle Breast pieces with a delicious, tangy chef-inspired Orange Sauce.


Deep_Fry - Pork: Deep Fry From Frozen For 3-3.5 Minutes

deep Fry From Thawed For 2.5-3 Minutes

or Conventional Oven From Frozen 12-14 Minutes

convention Oven From Thawed 7-8 Minutes

or convection Oven From Frozen 11-12 Minutes

convection Oven From Thawed 7-8 Minutes

sauce:Thaw Unopened Sauce Packets By Running Under Warm Water For Approximately 5 Minutes.


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