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Donations to Food and Meat Coop to provide food for the Red Barn Academy

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We have been given a unique opportunity to help a local non-profit in providing food to the Red Barn Academy. 

The donations made here will ensure that Cassie will be able to donate food to feed the 65 students   If you choose to make a donation you will receive an email receipt so that you can use this donation as a tax write off. 

 The Red Barn Academy is located in Farmington Utah and is a 501-C3 non-profit organization. They are  a licensed, two-year minimum residential life-skills academy that reinvents lives broken from addiction and crime by teaching honesty, accountability, and integrity in a farm setting.

Students live and work on the Farm as part of a 2 year program. Red Barn Academy is anchored in the belief that if the students are brought back to their roots, while focusing on improving their Life-Skills – new growth begins. The  students feel safe at Red Barn and know it is a place where they can reinvent themselves through the disciplines of the farm life; hard work, education, responsibility and consistency. These are the cornerstones of a life of integrity and what we are all about at Red Barn Academy.

Read more about The Red Barn Here:

 Here is insight into what the Red Barn Academy does:

You can donate designated amounts starting at $5 through the drop down menu on this product, OR if you have a specific amount (even $1 will go a LONG way with 50% added plus our food discounts so $1 basically doubles in value!) you can also Venmo that amount to Cassie's venmo at: 

@Cassie-Michael-2 (last 4-digits of phone number is 9179)

If you can't financially donate, we will also be accepting personal hygiene products at onsite pick-up locations

You can also donate household items and clothing to their thrift store located at 1067 Grand Avenue, Farmington, UT 84025

The Admin team was also able to tour the Red Barn Academy: