18-23 lb Holiday Bone-In Ham, Fully Cooked, Local and Gluten Free

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Feed 30 or more people this year! Or have lots of leftovers for that traditional New Year's party or even well in 2022!

We are so happy to be sourcing a ham from one of our favorite local pork suppliers!  This traditional "old school" style bone-in ham is produced just over the border in Idaho through Independent Meat Co. It is made with quality ingredients in addition to great quality hogs. Our supplier in Idaho takes special care in creating these hams and you can taste the effort from every part of the process when these reach your plate. After one taste,  you will crave this delicious ham option even more! 

The hogs made for this product are part of the Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork program network. Our farmers feed these hogs high-quality western wheat and barley. They never use hormones, antibiotics or animal proteins. To ensure that our customers can trust the excellence of our meat, we have all of our products third-party audited.

These are brought in fresh, fully cooked and gluten free! This ham will easily feed 30 people so that means you can freeze the rest to stock your freezer if you do not eat the entire massive ham! 

please note, these hams are between 18-23 lbs each. We will be billing at 23 lbs to and then you will receive a refund for the amount for anything under 23 lbs. 

Cooking Instructions

Fully Cooked. Serve cold or heat through in a preheated 325°F oven, 15-20 minutes per pound or until internal temperatures is 140°F.

Allergen: Gluten Free WINNING!


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