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Price Drop: 15 lb Natural, Uncured Hickory Smoked, Minimally Processed Bacon

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Current Market Price is $97.35 per case sold in 15 lb case. VIP Insider's members will save an additional 5% for $92.48 per lb!

This is only $6.49 lb for premium thick-cut uncured natural bacon!!

We are so excited to add natural, uncured, thick-cut bacon to our product line up! This product is made with the same care and quality as our honey-cured bacon, but just using a natural, minimal processing step to create a delicious and satisfying uncured bacon option with a hickory-smoked finish! This natural uncured bacon containing no artificial ingredients!

We love this solution even more because not only is this a product that you will feel good about eating, but even better is that it is produced and made right here in Utah!

Check out some of our favorite ways to use this great bacon here!

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