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15 lb Case: Budget Cut Bacon Hardwood Smoked

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is $44.85 for 15 lbs. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off lowest co-op prices for $42.61 per 15 lb case.

Only $2.99 per lb!

This is has become a very popular cut of bacon because you get all of the best parts of buying bacon without the price tag!

This bacon is only being produced every couple of months due to labor shortages.

As requested by many of our members who want that same AMAZING flavor, quality and FRESH bacon experience, but for the more budget cuts of bacon, we are happy to introduce the Budget Cut Bacon Option through Daily's Pioneer Brand of Big Buy Bacon.

By choosing this bacon option, you are saving another $3 per lb. over already reduced co-op prices. What you are NOT sacrificing is taste, quality, freshness as it is the same pigs and processing plant under the Big Buy label from Daily's Pioneer Brand bacon.

The difference in this cut is that it is the lower belly, which tends to be around 30% fattier than our normal high-quality center-cut option. The lower belly of a pig is the fattier part. So these are the cuts from that part of the pig, but most actually enjoy this bacon option more!

This is perfect for Keto as well! Also, the cuts are inconsistent. Some are extra thick and some are thin, with most being thick cut. So if you are fine with the fattier pieces and some inconsistent cuts, you can save another $2.50 per lb over our most popular cut.

Please browse the photos for variations in cuts in the same case, but rest assured the flavor and quality is above par!

Notes about pickup:

1. Join a car line and stay in your vehicle. We will come to you to look up your order. Open your trunk and we will load you up. Safe, fast and easy!

2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out.