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12-pk of 100 Hour Emergency Candles for Emergency Preparedness

12-pk of 100 Hour Emergency Candles for Emergency Preparedness

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Current Co-op Discount Price is $2.99 per case. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off for $78.85 per case.

$36 per case savings - each 100 hour candle is only $6.92!!

We are so excited to be partnering with Ready Hour for their freeze-dried foods for an extended shelf life and their other emergency preparedness products. Their products are tried, true.

And per Co-op style, we source the highest quality products for a discount for a group buying deal. They are a Utah-based company and they have very comparable pricing BEFORE the co-op discount, which makes it a good option for all of us!

Along with the freeze dried foods, we will start offering different emergency preparedness products from Ready Hour to have a nice complete storage solution at a group buying discount.

As such, one of the first non-food emergency products we are offering is the case of 100 hour candles.

From the producer:

The 100-Hour Candle twelve pack is a cost-effective, efficient light source for emergency and survival applications. Each 100-Hour Candle is clean-burning, odorless and smokeless, making it a safer choice for indoor use. It features a proprietary blend of paraffin and other liquids to maximize the life, light and warmth of the candle. Shatterproof container is lightweight, yet designed for stability. Simply replace the cap for easy storage and transport.

Reliable, long-lasting light when and where you need it. A must-have for any emergency kit - great for traveling and camping, too. From unexpected storms to true emergencies, power is often the first resource lost. Count on night after night of reliable light with a reliable candle.

Emergency Candle Features:

  • Proprietary blend of paraffin and other liquids
  • Clean-burning, odorless and smokeless
  • Up to 100-Hour burn time with 1/4 inch wick
  • Adjustable wick for more light
  • Light, safe and sturdy plastic container
  • Re-sealable cap for easy storage and portability
  • Fuel won't break down over time
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A
  • 3.5" Wide x 4 1/4" Tall x 11" round

Your 100-Hour Candle requires little maintenance. We recommend the following care:

  • Simply cap tightly for storage and portability
  • Replace cap when not in use to reduce evaporation
  • As with all combustibles, replace cap when not in use
  • Do not store near heat sources or in areas of high temperatures

The fuel is Tetradecane.

The Wick is made of cotton and is mercury free. Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting the candle.

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Notes about pickup:

1. Join a car line and stay in your vehicle. We will come to you to look up your order. Open your trunk and we will load you up. Safe, fast and easy!

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