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10 lb Case Grass Fed Angus Beef, No Added Hormones, No Antibiotics

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is $66.53 per 10 lb case. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off for $63.20 per case.


At the moment, we have sold out of all of our local grassfed/finished beef. The next round of butchering is in February and so when we don't have local available, we will go to what we think is the next best option (the same as ButcherBox - but much less in price due to our unique co-op model).

That is the grassfed beef out of New Zealand. Some of the best on the planet. This is from Broadleaf and this is information from the producer:


New Zealand's natural beauty is distilled into a beef so pure, so tender and so tasty, it simply melts in the mouth.

This unique location, with its green rolling pastures bound by blue clear oceans, captures the essence of our beef, harboring rich nutrients, low fats and fine marbling, to deliver extraordinary flavor.

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Please note - this package is 10 lbs total with 4 - 2.5lb blocks.

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