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We communicate the best food deals to our participants via text and email. 

Yes and No! 

Here's how we are like Costco

Yes we are like Costco in that we sell in bulk as one of the many ways we can save our community money and have food security and convenience. 
But No because we cut out several middle-men and don't have the brick and mortar stores, giving us ability to have more buying power as a community and more buying power means better selection and better prices. 

Yes and No!

Here's how we are like a Farmer's Market

Yes we are like a Farmer's Market in that we source some of our foods from local food sources from farmers and ranchers to local food artisans. 
But No in that we have much more selection, we bring the farmer's market to you and we have negotiated deals in bulk, buying direct offerings lower prices than a Farmer's Market. 

Yes and No! 

Here's how we are like a food truck

Yes we are like a food truck by the simple fact that we are mobile and "park" our trucks in parking lots for you to pickup your order where we are parked. 
But No in that what is coming off of our truck is the food before it is prepared, so you will still take it home and make your delicious and creative meals at home! 

Yes and No!

Here's how we are like these two companies

Yes we are like this two companies in that we do "rescue" many foods, in fact we have an entire food category dedicated to these rescued food deals from imperfections, close/past best buy dates or simply overstock. 
But NO we are not like these two companies in that most of our food is not imperfect or a misfit, but rather we source the best foods at the peak of freshness for the best prices and can STILL BEAT THEIR PRICES. 
But watch for that Clearance and Overstock category of foods for extra deals up to 90% off!  

Yes and No! 

Here's how we are like ButcherBox and similar meat companies

Yes we are like ButcherBox or Good Chop and other similar companies in that we have Assorted Meat and Protein Boxes that have a super cool selection and quality. 
But NO in the simple fact that we are TWICE THE SERVINGS and HALF THE COST. 
We truly have the best value meat boxes on the market due to our unique philosophy. 
Check out the comparison pictures on our mixed meat and protein boxes to see just what I mean! 


Here's how ordering works 

We strive to make our products accessible to as many families as possible and so we will always have month-to-month buying options, with no commitments or subscriptions so that you an freely partcipate when you want! 

Since we do not have a subscription service, we encourage you to be subscribed to text and email and opt-in and add us to your contacts because we do sell out fast since the product is not pre-reserved for anyone, but once it is live it does go fast month after month. 

So don't miss out! 

So...What in the heck is The Food and Meat Co-op?!?

What if I told you that we take the BEST part of each of these to make a food buying experience unlike any other on the planet?

In fact, let’s call it a Mobile Farmer’s Market, Food Truck, Club Warehouse, Online Meat Store all in one - or we can just call it
Food and Meat Co-op for short.

It’s a food dream come true.


100% Community Born Group Buying Effort

It was May of 2020. The world was hurting from the supply chain breaking. 

Food was hard to get in large quantities, shelves were going bare, people were panicking. 

There was no actual shortage of food, in fact, it was being dumped by the millions of pounds. More than half of the food produced in America is for theme parks, restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, etc. 

But in 2020, most all of the food buying shifted to the grocery store, but the suppy chain did not have a way to get it to the consumer easily. 

It just broke. And it was becoming expensive. 


The Way The Community Came Together

A small group of families knew how to go direct with food producers and farmers.

So to help with the current crisis that was plauging the local food world, an idea was born. 

These families knew the sources, but the power to purchase had to be by truckloads in large quantities. Basically, buying food the way a grocery store or restaurant would - bulk packaing, by the pallets for each type and fill a truck with thousands of cases of food. 

Clearly the few families initially involved could not do this on their own....

But what if they created a community to be a part of that group bulk buying effort. 


A Community is Born

These families started a group on Facebook asking for others to join in the efforts to save 20-50% off of food by ordering in bulk with other families in the community. 

To start, we just needed to get a group of a few hundred of our closest friends to commit to purchasing a minimum wholesale quantity by truckload and have it brought by refrigerated trucks to those neighborhoods to distribute. 

Word spread and a community effort was born and the first truck came in late May 2020. 


How it works 

Ever since that first May 2020 food event, this has evolved into a massive community passion project where thousands of families across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming participate in this joint group buying effort. 

The process has been simplified to this each month: 

1. Each month is a new food theme. We do this to stock up on certain foods at certain times of the year. Creating a theme helped create clarity on what to stock up on that month (e.g. breakfast, easy meals, BBQ, International flavors, etc.). Each case of food is approximately enough of that food for a family of 4 for 2-3 months. 

2. The foods that were acquired and negoiated for that month are then listed on the website at for about the first 2 weeks of the month. Ordering window is short. So everyone has to pay attention to the emails and texts so they don't miss that month's deals. 

3. We do not have brick and mortar locations. This is another way we save our community big money! So when you have picked out your food, simply choose a free pickup location or home delivery for a fee (paid to those in your community that are offering their time for this service). 

4. Pick up. your food from that month, take it home and enjoy! 

Repeat this process every month and you will save 20-50% each month


Cassie Michael

I simply wanted the complex problem of taking the best out of the food buying world and leave out the least desired parts and make it into one giant community-building effort.

In fact, it just didn't seem like the dreams and goals could even. come true.

But when you put an incredibly passionate foodie, who wants to feed her family well (while raising 6 kids), have food security, have a heart for local businesses and food producers, sparks happen.
LOTS of them!

I was determined to solve some food crises plaguing the American family today.

For some examples:
- If you want to eat food on a budget > you have to sacrifice quality. - If you want to eat organic, grass fed, local etc.  > you might as well hand in your first-born.
- If you want fresh meat >  you have to go to the farm yourself and pick out the animal you want to have slaughtered.
- If you want food that hasn't been touched by anyone (think about how many people inspect and touch the packages at the store) except the butcher > you have to go to the butcher yourself.
- If you want to buy meat online > you have to pay expensive prices to make up for the shipping fee.

“This co-op started with a dream and goal that seemed impossible. But I was determined to bring the best of all of the food worlds together! Today, thousands of families across three states participate regularly to continue this dream and goal!” - Cassie





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