Meet Alan and Elizabeth- Bennion Beef

Meet Alan and Elizabeth- Bennion Beef

Meet Alan and Elizabeth Mitchell of Bennion Beef

Alan and Elizabeth ranched for two decades improving beef quality genetics and selling weaned natural calves to Midwest buyers, then decided to do something different: fatten calves on their own pastures and sell locally. They added Wagyu bulls 5 years ago to increase quality and provide an excellent culinary experience. Alan and Elizabeth care for their cattle and handle them humanely.

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Elizabeth knows each of their 150 mother cows personally. The herd spends their whole lives within 3 miles of their ranch house.

Alan and Elizabeth are committed to providing the best quality of beef for their customers as well ensuring they are caring for the land that their cattle graze on because it has been in Elizabethโ€™s Bennion family since pioneer times.

Their cattle have been certified โ€œnaturalโ€ meaning they do not use hormones or antibiotics. Alan use the concept of Regenerative Agriculture that uses crop cover to protect and enrich the soil. They are committed to taking care the land that their cattle use so that they can continue to offer quality meat for years to come. They have been improving the Angus genetics for beef quality such as tenderness and marbling for two decades. Three years ago they added Wagyu bulls to produce the Wagyu/Angus cross called American Wagyu, renown for its taste and juiciness. Besides Wagyu, they have black Angus beef.

What sets the Bennion Beef apart is what Alan describes as the perfect cuts of meat?

Alan has stated: "These cattle are grass-fed for the first 6-8 months while on their motherโ€™s milk, and then are put in pastures with grain supplements until they are mature. The Wagyu breed from Japan grades beyond prime due to its marbling and tenderness. We breed Wagyu bulls to Angus cows to get a Wagyu/Angus cross calf that retains the hearty flavor of Angus, but also has the enhanced marbling and tenderness of Wagyu."

Since the Bennion Beef has been working with the Food and Meat Coop they offer our community the opportunity to purchase their amazing American Wagyu at affordable prices.

The 10lb mixed box of American Wagyu includes 2 lbs of steak (t-bone, ribeye, top sirloin, flat iron), a 3 lb roast, and specialty cuts which can include, but not limited to tri-tip, flank, and Asian ribs, with ground beef filling out the order. They also have half beef for sale through us. They offer two varieties of American Wagyu Beef Jerky to our community as well. The two varieties are original and teriyaki. Find their amazing products here.

Finally, you can go big by participating in a half or whole share of these amazing local American Wagyu cows - Learn about this HERE.

We are so glad to have the Bennion Beef, in particular, Alan and Elizabeth, as part of our Food and Meat Co-op Family.

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