Start a Local Branch of the Food and Meat Co-op

How to start a food co-op in my area

Do you love food?

Do you love supporting local businesses and farmers?

Do you love your local community and the people living in it?

Do you have some time to devote to a new project and start a new small business in your area?

Do you want to earn $$?

Well, if you answered yes to those questions, then we would love to chat with you about what it would take to start your own brand of the Food and Meat Co-op in your area!

We would love to expand our passion, mission, goals and project to many communities across the country.

We have the process, the marketing, the products, the logistics, the kinks and the model perfected to help you be successful out the gate!

To start, you will need to be committed to bringing food to your community monthly. This requires a little bit of work each day. But as a result, you get access to even better food deals and even a paycheck each month.

If you have the time, passion and drive, then please complete this form and a member of our team will reach out when we can help!