Meet our Farmers and Producers


 Bennion Beef

In 1997, Alan and Elizabeth left the rat race and took over the family ranch which included living off-grid and 6 miles off the pavement at the foot of Greenjacket Hill near Vernon, Utah. Determined to restore the ranch, the family remodeled the house, rebuilt fences, plowed, planted, irrigated, bred, and calved-out cattle. They improved range for wildlife, especially the western Sage Grouse and were once named Ranchers of the Year by the Society for Range Management. Read more Here.

Lau Family Farm

The Lau family converted their 5th generation farm to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb. John's family had been raising sheep and cattle, along with small grains and hay, on the same land since the 1870's. They were the first generation facing the challenge of not being able to make a living from just farming if they stayed with conventional methods and conventional marketing.  


Lazy C Beef 

Scott and his family have been a part of  farming for several generations. They proud of the heritage that they have in working the land and producing amazing beef. The beef is all natural grass fed grass finished for our Co-op to enjoy. They are currently offering half shares of this delicious beef through the Co-op and we are so happy that we are able to enjoy the quality meat that the Lazy C Ranch has to offer. Read more about Scott here!



Windy Ridge Cattle

The Fuller family has lived in Cache Valley for decades. Braden was raised in Wellsville, attended high school at Mountain Crest, and now ranches in Hyrum.

He always dreamed of ranching and after years of an international career consulting government agencies and non-profits was able to return to Cache Valley and start his ranch in 2021.

We're located in the highlands at the south end of the valley. The ranch overlooks green, rolling hills, rivers, and the beautiful Hyrum Reservoir.

Read More about the Windy Ridge Farmers here!

Farmer Jared
Jared's land has been in his family for a 100 years. Recently, he has taken stewardship over the fields and is working to build them up using regenerative practices. Farmer Jared is notably skilled for growing the most beautiful, tender, and sweet cantaloupe that many have come to love in the valley. Additionally, he grows watermelons, honey dew, bell peppers, and hopes to continue to build up his crop diversities to provide for the co-op.

Farmer Kelly
Kelly works to grow our community's source for microgreens year round, bringing families across our co-op community fresh microgreens year round! Resident of Magna, UT and a huge co-op supporter, we are proud to offer his delicious organic microgreens to families.