Khorasan Mills

(These products will be available as part of our currently monthly pickups: shop here)

We are excited to partner up with Khorasan Mills to bring you all the ancient grains----in bulk! Khorasan Mills is one of the few sources here in Utah for clean, organic ancient grains, at low, bulk prices. All natural, all clean and all from the best sources including free from glysophate, GMO's, and commercial sprays.

If you aren't familiar with ancient grains, don't worry, Khorasan Mill's got you! They will provide you with resources to get you on your way to using only the best of these ancient grains that have a multitude of health benefits.

For now, we recommend going with their Gluten Free, Organic Rolled Oats, or the Premium West Mountain Bread Flour. Oats are currently being offered in a 50 lb bag and the bread flour is offered in a 25 lb and 50 lb bag.

Read Greg's blog post about his quest to healthier and better breads.

Head on over to Khorasan Mills to snag up some of the best flour in Utah!

Khorsan Mills