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I have an amazing opportunity for February, but I need help in determining which ones and how many cases to secure at this price and IF we should even take advantage of this as a group!
We received a sample today of a box of 15 dozen eggs organic free range eggs (180 eggs) from Organic Valley that will store for weeks and weeks in this handy box (even in just a garage!).
I am looking to order some pallets of these. But I want to check the interest level.

Organic Free Range Medium Brown Eggs from Organic Valley - $4.19 per dozen ($62.85 per case).


Organic Free Range Large Brown Eggs from Organic Valley - $4.49 per dozen ($67.35 per case).

I'll be honest, I am a little nervous about transport, but I don't fee like that is not reason enough to try this deal during this difficult egg time. This sample arrived without a single broken egg. They are packed well and even better, each layer can just stay in the box in the garage or cool basement and be more than fine for many weeks.
You can also freeze eggs (links to articles in comments).

So.... what say you? Yes or no? Medium or large?

In order to receive them in time for our February pickups, I need to tell them ASAP what we want and approximately how many at this price!
*The pictures I have are of the medium eggs sample we received this week.