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Entry-Level Marketing Assistant Opportunity Through The Food and Meat Co-op

As our community grows, our needs grow! Which is an exciting opportunity for our little food world in Utah! 

We are looking for a marketing assistant to join Cassie in the organic marketing of the Food and Meat Co-op organization! 

As an entry-level marketing assistant, we are really looking for a Jack/Jackie of all trades that is a fast learner, teachable, flexible, highly motivated, creative and loves people! We need this flexibility as we are a very small company in a very fast moving environment. The needs in communication and messaging to the community, customers and soon-to-be customers is a constantly evolving journey. 

 You will help Cassie to help devise creative marketing strategies and campaigns to grow our community through creative and collaborative efforts. When our community grows, opportunity grows and food in our community is more secure and the farmers blessed. We are also looking for someone that is very efficient at managing time and can provide measurable results. 

What to expect from the role

  • Exciting, fast-moving and spontaneous projects to fulfill immediate marketing needs. 
  • Everyday is a new adventure, which makes this opportunity perfect for a highly motivated individual
  • Hands-on experience with implementing marketing strategies and campaigns organized by the team
  • Learning how to organize and multitask multiple deadlines and projects.
  • Learn on the job about the best practices in the industry.
  • Exposure to the industry and working with experts.

Entry-Level Marketing Assistant  Responsibilities

Example of duties (but not limited to these - thus the need for flexibility and pivoting in a fast-paced industry)

  • Willingness to be in live and pre-recorded pictures and videos showing unboxing food, taking food tours, onsite events (like our pickup events) and to have a forward face in the company.  
  • Maintain and engage in consistent posts on social media platforms* 
  •  Assist in posting timely, spontaneous, immediate needs about upcoming products/promotions or sales
  •  Assist in creating campaigns, surveys, promotions, events, contests and other similar activities
  •  Assist in creating content (written, visual, video) for website, blog and social media platforms
  •  Assist in editing written content
  •  Assist with marketing emails/texts
  •  Assist with setup, use of marketing software and tools
  •  Input and even design creation of any marketing materials 
  •  Managing blog content whether by finding content creators/guest posters or creating some of the content yourself.
  •  Creating or assisting in recipe ideas and meal plans for the community blog
  • Optimize website, posts for SEO and PPC (this is something you can be trained on as well over time)
  • Provide opinions, thoughts and ideas to advance the goal of the Food and Meat Co-op
  •  Learn how to use the software and tools company uses
  •  Help identify trends, key opportunities and innovative ideas. 
  •  Provide administrative support to marketing and sales team. 
  •  Assist in the launch and closure of sales cycle
  • Assist in management of the affiliate and influencer side of the business
  • Assist in event planning

*Social Media Platforms to manage starting immediately:

  •  Facebook 
  •  Instagram
  •  Google My Business


  •  TikTok
  •  Pinterest
  •  YouTube
  •  New and emerging

Experience Needed: 

  • Experience is a plus, but not required. You just need to be flexible, eager to learn, teachable, and go-getter. 
  • We are an incredible community at-large but especially internally and so this is a growth opportunity as the future is incredibly bright because we are solving problems in a big way, so more important to us than experience is passion! If the passion is there, everything else flows! :) 

Pay/Time Details: (Base pay plus bonuses and commission opportunities)

  • This is not an employee position as our organization is currently not set up to function with employees yet, but this could evolve into a future employee position as this journey grows. You are joining this project in its infancy, so the sky and future are unlimited. 
  • As an Independent Contractor position, you will provide all of your own equipment to complete your job (computer and smartphone). If there are specific needs for the job, then we are happy to approve those purchases or reimbursements on an as-needed basis. 
  • The amount of time required is flexible, but we are looking for at least 10 hours per week to start, but can also move up to 40 hours per week as well. 
  • Pay is negotiable. We will use Utah’s current pay for this job description as a guide. 
  • We also plan to a provide opportunity for evaluation for a pay bump after a trial period. 
  • Then after the larger bump, occasional raises based on performance and cost of living. 
  • There are also many opportunities for growth, training, bonuses, commissions and free/further discounted food opportunities.