5 Gallon Organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil

There is a local Utah company that processes some of the purest coconut oil you can get. Organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. They have been processing it here in Utah for a while (clearly not produced here but sent in 275 gallon drums for processing from the original tropical source). They are now no longer going to create this product and so they are clearing out their inventory as fast as possible and at a super incredible deal!

Coconut oil is smart for everyone to have in their storage. You can eat it and it supply much of your nutrition in an emergency, but it also lasts for YEARS for consumption and then years beyond that for skin and hair care.
If we want this deal, I will open a 48-76ers 2 hour flash sale to get as many as we can from him before they are gone.
This is a GREAT NEWS stock-up opportunity, but the sad part is that our LOCAL source for local organic, cold-pressed coconut oil will be no longer....😒