Collection: Current Clearance and Overstock

Welcome to our rescued foods page! Similar to Misfits Market or Imperfect Foods, we also rescue a number of foods for even deeper discounts. All of the food we offer is at wholesale pricing, but these deals are even lower!! 

Head's up: Enjoy the extra savings on the items below. 

A quick explanation on our Clearance/Overstock category:
The foods in the overstock/clearance are foods that we will "rescue" and can come from anywhere/any brand, vs. our regular offerings which we go direct and work a deal with the farmer/producer and curate the best of the best. That's why sometimes you may see foods you can find in the grocery store unlike most all of our other farm fresh foods.
This is the concept behind Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods, but instead of all of our food being rescued food, we just create a category so that all of the other foods we offer are high-quality, but direct in bulk to save you money without it needing to be "imperfect." 
We are doing our part to reduce food waste and using our wholesale group buying power to get items in this category for a super deal and then share with our community for even better values for our participants when these random opportunities arise.
On occasion, you will also have many of our local, direct and curated foods that can fall into this category, like the clearance deals on our local grassfed beef bones and offal this month.  

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