Thankful For Our Community This Holiday Season

Thankful For Our Community This Holiday Season

During this hectic time of year, when we’re looking at wish lists, wrapping up holiday gifts, and neatly placing them under the Christmas tree, it’s also important to sit back and be thankful for all of the amazing blessings this life can bring.

For us here at the CoOp, we are reminded again just how truly thankful we are for our community this holiday season, as well as all year long! So here is a little yearly recap of what has been going on at the CoOp and why we count you all towards the very top of our gratitude list for 2022!

Learning About Each Other

The CoOp provides several different ways to bring local families and businesses together in ways that benefit everyone! One great way to learn more about the CoOp and the people behind the scenes is to take advantage of the many volunteer opportunities typically available with each monthly pick-up.

Spending time with each other presents a great opportunity for us to get to know you all better, and we sometimes even get new ideas about what kinds of products you would like for us to offer. It’s the perfect way to blend everyone together where literally, everyone wins!

Another simple way to learn more about everyone is to hop on to our Facebook page. This is a great space to share recipes and ideas on how to use the products available each month! You may even come up with a great homemade meal to serve at your next holiday celebration!

Milestones Celebrated

We have come a long way in the past year! In May, we celebrated 2 years of providing high-quality, local meats and other products to those in our area. We look forward to continuing our vision of feeding America and promoting small businesses!

It is a lot of hard work, but in many cases, we are getting the whole family involved from start to finish helping them understand what it takes to lend a helping hand in order to earn the reward. We were also super excited to get the new decals on the delivery vans as an easy way for you to spot us when we deliver your orders!

Our admin team continues to grow, as well as our marketing plans and product selection! If you haven’t joined as a VIP member yet, now is a perfect time!

Expanding Range of Products

As our number of community members grows, so does our buying power with local businesses! Our goal is to use this in a meaningful way to provide more opportunities for high-quality, nutritious food in more and more households!

This is such a great time to be a part of the CoOp, and we will be carrying our holiday spirit and excitement long after Christmas and New Year’s!

Our Customers are at the Top of Our Gratitude List

The month of December is a great time to open that gratitude journal and see lots of ways that we have been blessed here at the CoOp!

From our community supporters to the businesses that we work with to all of the CoOp members and volunteers, we deeply express gratitude to each and every one of you! Without you, we would not be able to continue to grow and help bring these amazing products at such affordable prices!

Giving Back to the Community

We are excited to partner with the Red Barn Academy this year to provide high-quality food to the men that are working to become better people, even if their original circumstances might not have been the greatest. We know that working with them can bring a brighter tomorrow not only to Utah but also to anywhere these amazing men might take their talents moving forward!

While we are growing in many new and fun ways, you can rest assured that we will stick very strongly to our Core Values here at the CoOp. We are so blessed with our community as we have seen time and time again this last year that when any issues come up with delivery or orders, you always offer us grace and flexibility. Your kind words and encouragement are always greatly appreciated!

We are truly a team, from the very top administrator to each individual member, and we are so much stronger when working together. We are so thankful for each of you and look forward to seeing what the new year will bring to all of us here at the CoOp!

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