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Possibly The Best Bacon Cooking Method - Bacon Boiling

Posted by Cassie Michael on

What I am about to show you might be weird. So let's start off weird by diving right into weird. 

Ok, so if you are my age and grew up in the 80's and 90's, the thought of boiled bacon probably brings back the memories of "Better of Dead" and the green, fatty slop that dad was served. 


But in all reality, our quirky 80's mom might have been onto something. 

I was browsing TikTok (BTW, follow the Co-op HERE, we don't have much yet, but working on it!) and saw a video of someone boiling bacon claiming it was the BEST way to cook bacon. 

So because bacon is my life, and possibly yours since you are in the co-op where you can buy the best bacon, I really wanted to put it to the test. 

I mean the best bacon with the best bacon cooking method = bacon heaven. 

So I boiled my bacon! 

So I first boiled about 1/2" of water and then placed the bacon in it. It doesn't look appetizing, part of it could be my poor photography skills (I am real ya' know). Anyway, so before you walk away with your nose turned up, let's turn this post around with some delicious results. 

First, watch this video on WHY you would boil bacon! 

Ok... my results....drumroll please......

And survey says...It actually WAS the perfect balance of chewy and crisp! 

I know, I am a little weirded out by this too, but friends....where has this method been my entire bacon-lovin' life?!? 

Taste was amazing 

Texture was perfect

Cleanup was easier

Bacon smells permeating the house were milder

There you go!

Would you give bacon boiling or cooking bacon in water a try? 


  • I like the smell permeating the house. Especially maple bacon.

    Paula on

  • I’m game. I hate frying bacon.

    Day on

  • I’m game. I hate frying bacon.

    Day on

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