Pizza and How to Use It to Bring Your Family Together

Pizza and How to Use It to Bring Your Family Together

With National Pizza Day right around the corner in February, we thought it would be a good time to look at a few of the different ways you can use some of the Co-Op foods to add a little bit of family fun to your upcoming menus.

Pizza, in general, is a great way to get everybody on board for family meals. It is a favorite food for just about everyone, no matter their age, but donโ€™t get stuck in a rut with just plain old pizza. There are several different ways to throw a pizza party, and we are going to go over some here!

Easy Pizza Dinner Ideas

Whether itโ€™s Friday night or any other night of the week, adding in a family pizza night is going to be a great tradition to get started. With tons of different pizza recipes, you can have an endless amount of family nights that will become everyoneโ€™s favorite part of the day.

You can always stick with a traditional, delicious pizza with a perfect crust and a tasty marinara sauce, and be sure you get enough cheese so it can melt into yummy goodness!

If youโ€™re looking for something a little different, we think these Pizza Logs are the best food to showcase all of the ingredients in a traditional pizza, but with a fun new spin that is easy to put together in case you have a game or other activity to also get to that evening.

You can also Mix It Up with Calzones to get those great pizza flavors but with a new look and texture!

Get The Whole Family Involved

One of the best parts about including pizza making into your family meal time is that it is a great meal that you can get all of your family members into the prepping, cooking, and eating phases!

If you donโ€™t have time to get out a large bowl and mix and use a rolling pin to make your pizza crust, you can always take advantage of our pre-made pizza dough that just needs your favorite pizza toppings to become the best pizza ever!

After you get your crust made, you can have younger children put on their aprons and spread the sauce out evenly across your pizza dough. This next step is a great opportunity to try new flavors and help your kids see what it takes to make their own dinner. Each person in your family will definitely have their own opinions of what should be added to their pizza, and this provides a fun way to really see what their individual preferences are and get some quality time with them as they learn basic life skills without even knowing it. When choosing their own ingredients, you might even be surprised how even your picky eaters become more excited about whatโ€™s being served for supper!

Before you head to the grocery store for any ingredients, it's a good idea to check out our Canadian Bacon which can be a great addition to any pizza night!

Simple Ingredients with Big Memories

The best part about including pizza in your family dinners is that it takes very simple ingredients and also doesnโ€™t take a lot of prep or clean-up, which gives more time for you to enjoy a board game or maybe even some movie nights with your favorite people.

If you have any dietary restrictions and have shied away from pizza for that reason, we encourage you to try out the gluten-free crust that can be paired with your favorite pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, some fresh basil, and some of our Ready-Carved Chicken for a great combination that the entire family will love!

So donโ€™t wait for a special occasion to start your next family tradition of family pizza night! Today is a great time to get your family together to try some new things, and the best part, you get some quality family time where everyone is excited about whatโ€™s for dinner!

If you are trying to find eggs for your crust, are interested more in How the Co-Op Works, or are wondering what you need to become a VIP Member so that you can have access to all of these high-quality products before everyone else, be sure and reach out to us! We are so excited to continue to bring you the best products possible to your dinner table and to be as inclusive as possible for all of our customers.

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