How to Add Wild Caught Tuna Steak to Your Family Meals

How to Add Wild Caught Tuna Steak to Your Family Meals

Whether you are looking for something new to add to your weekly recipe rotation or need to find a low-fat, high-protein for a medically restrictive diet, wild-caught tuna steaks can do the trick!

With various ways to cook them, an endless array of sides that can be served alongside them, and an average cooking time of 3-5 minutes, you have more than one good reason to add wild-caught tuna steak to your family meals. The last thing anyone wants to do after a long day is to put together a complicated meal!

Start With the Best Wild Caught Tuna Steaks

So youโ€™re ready to take the leap and try some family meals using fresh tuna steaks. The most important thing you can do now is to invest in the best by purchasing the 10-pound box of wild-caught tuna steaks from the Co-Op!

While we might not be able to locally-source this meat source as we do the majority of our others, we still take the time to ensure that you are getting the best quality meat available! By using wild-caught and sustainable practices to round up the seafood, it is then sent to a processing facility in Indonesia that is run by a U.S. company. Keeping the facility close to the waters where the tuna is caught shortens processing time and helps keep the product fresh!

Take a look at us, Unboxing the Wild Caught Tuna Steak, and notice that each one is individually vacuum-sealed to keep all of the goodness in until you are ready to prepare it and put it on the table!

Ways to Cook Wild Caught Tuna Steak

Searing is really the best way to prepare tuna steaks, but there are a few rules you will want to follow to get the best results. First, you want to start with a cast iron skillet or grill pan. You will also want to make sure that you are using an oil that has a high smoke point.

A few of the best oils to use include

  • Peanut Oil
  • Avacado Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Sesame Oil

You donโ€™t want to use olive oil as it doesnโ€™t have a high enough smoke point for wild-caught tuna.

While your pan is getting warmed up, you want to set your tuna steaks out so that they can get to room temperature before cooking.

Once you have your pan and oil ready, you can season and marinate your tuna steaks with whatever your family prefers. Depending on the thickness of each tuna steak, you should only need to cook each side for about 60-75 seconds. Most will not take more than 3-4 minutes altogether. Getting that perfect sear is what will hit those taste buds and make you think, "Wow!"

For a perfectly-cooked tuna steak, the outsides should be seared quickly and then let sit with some foil loosely placed over the top for the inside to continue to warm. The center should be a deep red or pink color. If you overcook the tuna steak, it will not be what youโ€™re looking for, as it can become dry very quickly (think canned tuna consistency). The internal temperature of your finished tuna steak should be 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to try some different ways of preparing your wild-caught tuna steaks, you can also grill them or cook them in your Air Fryer. Sometimes it is nice to have several options for fixing your main course to keep a nice variety in your familyโ€™s meal rotation.

Best Tuna Steak Recipes

There are many different tuna steak recipes available, and we have rounded up a few of our favorites here at the Co-Op for you to try out with your purchase of our Wild Caught Tuna Steak case! The best part is they are all made up of simple ingredients but will probably become true favorites very quickly with your family!

Tuna Steak with Soba Noodles-This recipe was actually put together by one of our members, and we think itโ€™s not only gorgeous but also super tasty! After marinating the tuna steaks in a Japanese Barbeque Sauce for 30 minutes, you then sear your tuna steaks and pair them with Soba Noodles, wasabi, and ginger. Top with green onions and sesame seeds for a bit more flavor. Simplicity at its finest.

Tuna Poke Bowl-With only 6 ingredients needed outside of your tuna steaks, this easy recipe can be thrown together quickly and keep your entire family satisfied! Once you gather everything together, you simply mix it in a small bowl and then serve it with salad or brown rice.

Homemade Sushi-This is another member-inspired recipe and lets you feel a little bit fancy on an average weekday night. Homemade sushi is a fun way to get the kids involved in the meal preparation as you get the ingredients mixed together and rolled up!

Sheet Pan Tuna Steaks with Potatoes-Everyone loves a sheet pan meal! Anytime a meal can be made in one pan is a win! Pairing your wild-caught tuna steaks with small potatoes and lemon will be a fun way to bring out the flavor in your protein! Another bonus, this delicious meal takes less than 30 minutes to cook and is a unique way to add tuna steaks to your family meals.

Best Sides to Pair with Wild Caught Tuna Steak

Many things might come to mind when deciding what to pair with your tuna steaks, and many of them will include white rice, couscous, and orzo, but they are many options out there that can make a wonderful side to your tuna steak dinner!

Potatoes, fresh veggies, hearty greens, pasta salads, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli are a few other options that can work well to complement your tuna steaks.

You can also throw on some toppings and sauces to add different textures and flavors to different meals. Toasted sesame seeds, black pepper, lemon juice, lime juice, wasabi, red onion, teriyaki sauce, horseradish, pesto, soy sauce, and chimichurri sauce, to name a few. Part of what you add depends on whether you prefer a mild flavor or something spicier.

With so many different ways to prepare your wild-caught tuna steaks for a healthy meal and so many fun ways to spice it up, your family is bound to love this protein option every time itโ€™s available! It's a great alternative to other meats, whether you are adding them in for health reasons or you are simply looking for more variety in your diet. While there are many different types of tuna, we think ours is the best of the best!

We have many of our members that consistently request wild caught tuna steaks, and we hope you give them a try and see why!

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