What's New in 2024

The first event of 2024 opened yesterday. So I want to take this time to explain that along with a new website, we are mixing things up a bit and changing our ordering schedule and process. 
Pickup and delivery process are remaining the same, other than recruiting more onsite help and more signage and more efficiency/accuracy. 

What's Changing on Ordering Timeline?  

We have moved to 8 events in 2024 instead of one a month. We have outgrown our ability to list the foods we acquired for that month and then get it all sold and distributed in 4 weeks. At this moment, we are maxed at 3 weeks of fulfillment before adding any more locations across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. We have many more communities (like Heber City and St. George to name two!) that would like to have the co-op come. 
So we have decided to extend our online ordering window to 6-7 weeks instead of our normal 3 weeks. 
But....we have one issue with this longer ordering window. We buy and sell food wholesale directly to families across Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. It's not a problem for shelf stable and frozen foods. But some of our best sellers are FRESH chicken, beef and bacon.
We cannot get pricing more than 3-weeks out in a wholesale market. In an effort to maintain our original goal of providing the best value on food at any given time in a market, we have decided that our fresh items will no be released until the final 3 weeks of the ordering window to ensure you are getting the best price in any market. 
Fresh wholesale proteins are in the commodities category that fluctuates in price like gasoline. So by extending the ordering window and starting with the frozen and shelf stable, and then releasing the final weeks of the ordering window, we get to accomplish the goal of expanding and providing food to more communities (and breathe a little between food events) AND keep our goal of providing the best prices at any given time. 

What does this look like?  

Let me give an example of what the pattern will look like. 
Week #1 - ordering opens for frozen themed foods, limited time frozen foods, shelf stable foods and emergency preparedness products. 
Weeks #2-4 - extra items may be added to the sale as we discover and have unplanned opportunities to take advantage of some food deals we learn about. We will acquire them and put them on the website. 
Week #5 - fresh chicken, bacon and beef products will be added to the website for ordering. 
Week #6 - Frozen closes so the warehouse team can begin building the orders going out for the next several weeks. This is a lot of work and an entire week is needed. 
Week #7 - Fresh products ordering close.
Then the cycle will start all over! So when we are on week #1 of ordering for the NEXT event, fulfillment starts for the previous month's orders. 
So you will have opportunity to order food for a future pickup or delivery event while we are still fulfilling the previous event's foods. 
I hope that all makes sense! I think as the year goes on, it will make more and more sense. 

What this means for you....

  1. You need to plan ahead. Food will not be coming to you as frequently, so you need to stockup for your staples for 2-3 months at time And the themed limited time "This Month Only" items, you will want to stock up for the year!
  2. At some times, you may be securing your food order for the next event, even before you receive your previous month's food. 
This calendar below helps layout the ordering windows and fulfillment windows for our Northern Utah area.