Something Amazing is Coming!

Why an "I'm Interested" list? What is it for? Great questions!

Have you not ordered through the co-op before? You're in for a treat! Did we run out of a particular item you had your heart set on? Oh no! Don't worry though, we can most often find it again! Phew!

We often sell out of our items because of high demand. If we see that a popular product has sold out, we ask our community to sign up for the "I'm Interested" list so that we can bring it back to you and also have a better idea of the amount we need to have available.

As we are getting ready to launch our next month's offerings, we will send you an email and let you know that it's almost go-time and to get ready. Those that have signed our "I'm Interested" list will be notified before the public giving you a greater chance to get your goodies. You aren't committing to buy, but will be first informed on what's coming your way!

Join the list below to be notified when these foods are available to order. They go fast, so you will not want to miss out! They are available for 1-week only or until they sell out.

>>>Fill out this form to be notified of the next food event<<<

Our food goes FAST and for good reasons:

1. It's fresh and direct from the source (always a plus because less people have touched it and less travel/storage has occurred)

2. It's affordable. Because we are going direct and ordering in bulk, it is more affordable because we are cutting out the retail middle-men.

3. It's in bulk, which allows you to stock up and have food security no matter the season or whatever is happening in the world. You can stock your own freezers and you can share with friends and family and split cases to save even more money.

4. It's high quality. We have procured and secured some of the highest quality foods and meats in their categories and these foods are "food service quality" which means it's the "top shelf" meats or the foods you would find in fine restaurants across the state, but straight to your home instead.

PLUS, we will have a number of OVERSTOCK and CLEARANCE Frozen Foods available at first-come, first-served.

Join the "I'm Interested List HERE