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Welcome to the Food and Meat Co-op

Who we are?

The Food and meat co-op started in May of 2020. We are a team of moms and entrepreneurs at heart who developed a passion during COVID-19 to help local businesses. Through our passion to help save businesses while staying home during quarantine, we realized the BIG gap between food sources and the consumer. From this the Food and Meat co-op was born!  Read more about us HERE

Why a Co-op?

The Food and Meat Co-op is Moms on a mission to feed Utah with good food deals direct from our local farmers and food sources! We strive to help offer bulk options to help save families money on their much needed food items. 

  • Bulk, wholesale group pricing for significant savings over retail.
  • Made fresh, packed fresh, delivered fresh all within a short time period - this means that you can actually eat locally processed and locally focused beef and a taste in that freshness that can't be beat.
  • Local processing - which means you are supporting local business and the local Utah economy from a few different levels! There are at least 3 local businesses that receive your business in this process, along with helping to support fellow local co-op families in Utah with group-buying benefits. 
  • Direct - there is no retail middle-man, which means that your product has only been touched by the butcher last and has not been sitting in store fridges for others to handle before you get it! This brings comfort and assurance that you have control from nearly the beginning. 
  • Paid members get early ordering, express pickup and 5% off. Learn about our  VIP Membership here and watch this video for more information! This membership is NOT required to participate in the Food and Meat Co-op. It is a bonus benefit for those who choose to financially support the Co-op!

How it works? 

Participation it the Food and Meat Co-op is absolutely Free!!  See the step by step instructions here as well as the video below!

Watch this step by step video on how to order from start to finish!

Try one of our best selling products:
29 lbs BBQ Mixed Box! 

More FAQ's

For more FAQ's go here!