How It Works and More

We are an online co-op style gathering where people order food and meat direct from producers in bulk for local pickup or delivery. 

How it works 

Who should buy through Food and Meat Co-op? 

We could be the perfect solution for you if.....

1. You are trying to reduce your grocery bill 

2. You are picky about what types of quality and where your food comes from

3. You want to get closer to your food sources and be a part of a food project locally

This sounds too good - what is the catch? 

We are a co-op, not a traditional grocery store or club store. So we do things differently for a reason - to save money, be picky and get closer to our food sources. 

To accomplish this as a community, there is a "catch" if you are willing! 

1. You are willing to buy in bulk between 10-40lb boxes without fancy retail packaging. Most products are in 10lb boxes. This also provides convenience and food security and BIG savings. 

2. You are willing to pickup your food at a local pickup event (happens about every 6 weeks in an area). 

3. You are willing to put in just a little bit more work in repacking some foods how you want. When you buy in bulk, there is a little bit of prep work need for some foods. 

Areas we currently serve

Not in your area yet? Please join the waitlist with your zip code so your area can grow!