How To Can Chicken from Fresh Bulk Chicken For Long-Term Storage

How To Can Chicken from Fresh Bulk Chicken For Long-Term Storage

We are going to be teaching you how to can chicken LIVE in our newest video! Come and join us on social media or on our app at and learn how to preserve chicken in canning jars so you have chicken for years to come.

Canning chicken is much easier than you think! We have a video that will walk you through the process!

Here is the video to watch the step by step process in Canning Chicken from our 40 lb box of Chicken that can be purchased here!

How To Can Bulk Chicken from The Food and Meat Co-op

Benefits of Canning Chicken

Canning chicken is super smart! In fact, you should buy a case of 40b chicken breast or a couple of the 20lb chicken tenderloins each year for this specific purpose to load your shelves.


Well, for these top reasons:

1. If your freezer goes out - you have a backup plan

2. To help stock up now before prices continue to rise (chicken is expected to be one protein that will continue to rise in our current economy)

3. For emergency use, like the loss of a job and you need to live of food storage to help make it through financially, or if there is a natural disaster and need to eat shelf stable food for a while.

4. To have a shelf stable protein that you can count on in any number of scenarios.

Shelf stable food storage is just plain smart!

Supplies needed for Canning Chicken

1. Pressure Canner (this is different from a classic canner and is essential for food safety)

2. Crock pot for chicken broth

3. 5-6 boxes of chicken broth or more depending how much you can

4. Pan of hot water to boil rings jars and lids to sanitize

5. Jars, rings and lids (preferably wide mouth)

6. Funnel (narrow and wide)

7. Canning Tongs

8. Chicken Breast or Chicken Tenderloins cut into cubes

Where to get your bulk fresh chicken

Well, from the Food and Meat Co-op of course! It is one of our most popular foods and so you can count on it being available every month!

Purchase a Case of Fresh Chicken here!

Steps for Canning Chicken

(updated after live video - stay tuned on Monday, January 17th at 11 am)

How long can you store canned chicken?

This is the big question of the day! The recommended time is 18 months. but Theoretically, you can store canned chicken for years with no problem.

The best storing practices is in a dark, cool room.

As long as the seal is not broken, lid popped, mass discoloration or smells, it will be good.

We would recommend having a chicken canning day once a year and rotate through your supply for those busy nights and easy meal solutions and then continue this cycle so it is always there while always being used for a regular rotation. But then if that rainy day where a freezer breaks, loss of a job or other situation that would make it hard to have fresh chicken, then that can become your source for chicken to help you get through that situation.

What can you make with canned chicken?

You can make literally anything you would make with chicken, but canned chicken is especially awesome for casseroles, crockpot dishes, soups and chicken salad!

We would love for you to share comments below about what you make with your canned chicken!

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