We need help! Local produce out the wazoo available today in Layton!

We need help! Local produce out the wazoo available today in Layton!

Hey Davis County Co-op Friends!

We need your help! We got in a little over our heads last minute yesterday.

You see, we have a local farmer that grows Non-GMO produce with organic and regenerative practices. He has dedicated his land to growing for us each year, which is AMAZING!!

Well, we were planning on the first harvest to be around August 12, but he contacted us yesterday and said that the first harvest needed to be done immediately, so a bit earlier. So, YESTERDAY we said to drop it off at Vanessaโ€™s house in W. Layton and we will let our neighbors know and be our own hosts of our first produce harvest of the year.

He picked it all yesterday and then dropped it off late last night. And it was more than expected. In fact, like a TON more literally!

Soโ€ฆ.we are trying to find homes for hundreds of cantaloupe, a little over a dozen bags of bulk corn left, and 1 half bushel of heirloom slicing tomatoes.

Weโ€™d love to have you come grab some melons at Vanessaโ€™s house today/tomorrow.

In fact, if you can post in your neighborhoods and pickup up some produce for a few people you would love to share with, that would be awesome! Itโ€™s basically a last-minute pop-up produce opportunity!

Hereโ€™s what we have left:

- About 20 bags of 36 ears of corn ($24 each 36-ear ct)

- 1 half bushel of tomatoes (21-21 lbs for $33.60)

- Hundreds of melons! And we mean HUNDREDS! They are 3 for $9.50, but we are also including a small one for free.

We were expecting around 100 melons based on last year's bin sizes. But, he really exceeded it this year with MUCH bigger bins. So yeah, we got about 3-4 times more than we expected. :)

To order, check out this form with the details and you can pay with Venmo or cash on site!

Let us know if you have questions or want a bunch at one time for your community.

Thank you so much!!

Cassie and Vanessa!

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