Mulay’s Products-Quality Over the Bottom Line

Mulay’s Products-Quality Over the Bottom Line

Here at the Co-Op, we are always looking for great products, and sometimes you get lucky and find a great story behind that product too! In a market where everyone is worried about their bottom line, we search for companies that serve quality products that make us feel good to serve our families. Sometimes the success of a company goes far beyond the net earnings at the bottom of a spreadsheet.

Every time we are able to bring in products from Mulay's, we know we are bringing you high-quality meats that hold themselves to a higher standard than anyone else in the market. If you have ever wondered exactly where your products originate from, as well as the people behind the business, let’s dig in!

Mulay’s Certifications

All of Mulay’s certificates come from 3rd parties and have been hard-earned. They pride themselves in creating high-quality products that will serve their customers for the long term. They believe that standing apart from the crowd is what gives them a competitive advantage, and they aren’t constantly worried about what their competition might or might not be doing. They are too focused on new ideas, product development, and keeping their company going in the right direction.


Supporting a woman-owned business is a great way to keep this thriving culture moving forward. Loree Mulay Weisman strives to keep her simple family traditions and values alive and well and build a culture that her daughters and younger generations can follow.

Free From Big 8 Allergens

Not only are Mulay’s products Free From the Big 8 Allergens (these include wheat, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish), but they were the first business in the meat industry to do so. They literally set a new bar for other companies to try and strive for! They pride themselves in being subject matter experts when it comes to creating simple, genuine products.


Mulay's lets its high-quality meats stand alone without any gluten additives in an industry that tends to use fillers and other products to try and cut costs. This lets you taste the heritage in the seasonings and gives a very high customer satisfaction rating for all of their products. This is also vital to serving the basic needs of people with gluten sensitivities.

Paleo and Keto Friendly

In recent years paleo and keto have become very popular terms in the diet industry. Mulay likes to brag that they had these qualities before anyone ever knew they were a thing. Since they use centuries-old recipes and feel those are still the best practices to stick with for long-term success, no money or fame will make them change now.

Sustainably-Sourced from Small-Family Farms

How many meat producers can say that they not only know where their products come from but know the farmer by name? Probably not many, but Mulay’s can. They only partner with small family farms and are very particular about the animals that are used. Sticking to heritage breeds raised with no antibiotics and proven to be high-quality since 2013.

It is also important to the brand to keep its farmers' taken care of. One way they do this is to negotiate prices per pound and make sure that when they are buying from the farmers, they are paying enough to give them a living wage and not constantly undercutting their services. The most important factor in finding high-quality meat is ensuring that it is coming from high-quality farms.

High-Quality Products Over Cheap Alternatives

With all of the certifications, important team members, customer satisfaction needs, and other production processes, as with any business, there must be some financial benefit. Mulay’s is a firm believer that the best practices and sustainable business strategies may come with a higher price tag, but people who truly care about the quality of your product will be willing to pay for it.

One of the major reasons they refuse to settle for anything below high-quality products is that they want to ensure customer satisfaction with every product someone might purchase from their brand. Holding themselves to higher standards sets them apart from those settling with cheaper production processes.

The last thing they are willing to do is to offer poor quality products just to help the bottom line of a company.

If you are interested in trying out some of Mulay’s great products, we encourage you to try the 10-pound case of Nana's Italian Style Bratwurst that is available in this month’s sale!

Have you signed up as a VIP member yet here at the CoOp? If you haven’t, you definitely should! This gives you access to products before they are released to the general public and some other great perks you don't get at the basic level!

We look forward to hearing how you put Mulay’s products into action in your own kitchen. We can’t wait for you to taste the difference between simple yet amazing meat products from across the state border in Longmont, Colorado! There are so many significant benefits to buying locally and supporting the economy here in the United States!

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