Meet Meri: Site Lead for Ogden area

Meet Meri: Site Lead for Ogden area

Meet Meri!

Hi everyone! I’m Meri, the site lead for the 36th st/Genesis Project Ogden pickups. I’m also a member of the admin team, so I get to see many of you at the pickups all the way from Logan down to Spanish Fork. I’ve been a customer with the Coop from the very beginning-we even had pickups at my house a couple of times the first year! My favorite thing about being a site lead is getting to talk to everyone on site-I know I get chatty sometimes, but I promise I’m trying to get your orders out quickly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
I grew up in Phoenix and went to school in Texas, where I met my husband. After we were married (30 years in 2025!), we lived the Air Force life and moved 11 times in the next 20 years while raising 3 amazing kids (all adults now). We eventually settled here in Utah, where I’ve finally discovered what it’s like to live in the same house for more that 36 months :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:.

When I’m not doing coop stuff, I like to work in the garden and experiment in the kitchen. Some of my experiments are actually edible, thanks to all the great deals we get on easy meal fixings! My favorite products are gluten free pizza crusts, grass fed beef, and bacon rounds. I look forward to meeting more of our amazing community at pickups!

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