Meet Chelsey : Site Lead for Box Elder County

Meet Chelsey : Site Lead for Box Elder County

Meet Chelsey!

Hello my name is Chelsey Macfarlane, I am the site lead in Brigham City. I live in Brigham City with my husband of 12 years and our 3 crazy kids and dog. People always say as your kids get older it will get easier, I beg to differ. They get older and almost need me more, between rides and activities I feel like the weeks all blur together. What day/month is it again?!

I grew up in Plain City, UT then moved South after High School. We’ve lived in Cedar City, Salt Lake and Las Vegas. I am a small town girl at heart so I love being here in Brigham City.

In my spare time, what is that, I like to watch tv with my husband and have recently been trying to read more books. If you have anything you love let me know!

I have a degree in Human Nutrition that I received from Southern Utah University. I worked for WIC for several years. I now work for the Co-op as Cassie's assistant, she keeps me very busy ;)

Our family bought a fixer upper camper last year to be able to do more camping. I have learned that you can learn to do just about anything from youtube. I did all the plumbing, built a bed and worked closely with some friends and family on the electrical. Remodeling a camper is not for the faint of heart but we love making it our own. We love going out in it and finding new places to explore. Sometimes my kids like to just explore in the backyard by having campouts in it.

My favorite item from the co-op is the pre-cooked diced chicken. This makes dinners on those crazy days so much easier. Honestly, all of the quick meals are my favorite. They are lifesavers to have around.

I look forward to getting to meet more of you as we continue down this adventure to provide quality food for great prices. If you ever need anything please let me know!

Welcome Chelsey! We are so grateful to have you as part of the Food and Meat Coop!

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