Meet Brittany

Meet Brittany

Brittany and her husband, Curtis have been married for 15 years. They have lived in various cities along the Wasatch front but most recently in Lehi. She grew up in Michigan and Curtis grew up in Utah. They met in Florida and ended up back here in Utah! Their three living children are ages 9, 6 and 5. As a family we love to do Cub Scouts together as well as camping, hiking, fishing and just being outside. They also love to dig in the dirt. Curtis has driven the family to find specialty rocks that only Utah has to offer. Many Saturdays you can find them out in the desert in search of rocks!

Besides being in the outdoors, volunteering is a big part of what drives Brittany and Curtis. Along with Cub Scouts, They are also involved in helping to shed light on important issues to their family. One of their children has Celiac Disease and another has a diary allergy. These food allergies lead them to find the Food and Meat Co-op in the first place as striving to find safe food for their kids is always a priority for them. They love that the Co-op has so many gluten free options that their kids can enjoy. They started ordering from the Co-op from the get-go as they were so grateful to have the Co-op as a resource.

Another part of them that makes up their story is advocating for pregnancy and infant loss. In Oct. 2020 their daughter was stillborn. She was their 3rd loss as they suffered from 2 pervious miscarriages as well. Since then, they have strived to share this part of their lives because they know they are not alone in dealing with the grief of losing a child can bring. They also volunteer with a wonderful organization called Share Parents which help families deal with pregnancy and infant loss.

Brittany is really excited to be able to bring her knowledge of digital marketing to the Food and Meat Co-op. This wonderful community founded by moms is allowing Brittany the opportunity to learn and grow with the hope that the Co-op can be a resource that it has become for her own family.

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