Meet Becki: Site Lead for Salt Lake County

Meet Becki: Site Lead for Salt Lake County

Meet: Becki

I'm your site lead for Salt Lake County. I would like for you to get to know me. I've been with my husband for 26 years and married for 16. I have 4 beautiful girls. Three of them are in dance so I feel like I'm always driving them to and from. We have 4 dogs. They range from a chihuahua to GermanSheppard/boxer.

In my spare time, before bed I love to cross stitch. It's so relaxing and it's a great feeling when your design comes to life. I'm a stay at home Mom and also a Mechanic ( yep you read that right) I work side by side with my Dad everyday. He's taught me so much. I just wished I would have started when I was younger. I would prefer to be working on a vehicle instead of housework. Our family loves the outdoors, our favorite vacation spot is Yellowstone. We all have our own side x sides and four wheelers. During the summer months we can be found either in the desert four wheeling or in the mountains fishing and camping,(unless I'm at pickup).

My favorite item from the co-op is the Ground Sirloin. Oh who am I kidding? How can I only choose one? Everything is delicious. I have made South Jordan Fire Department (4 stations), Chicken enchiladas with the chicken breast. My girls love going to each station, and giving them their food. Who am I kidding, so do I. I like to show my appreciation, the best way is with good food. I'm extremely grateful to be working with the co-op. I get to meet all of you at pick-ups. I'm getting better at remembering faces and your cars. Haha. If you ever have a problem please don't hesitate to reach out and we will figure out a solution together. I'm always willing to help.

Welcome Becki and thank you for all that you do for the Co-op!!

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