Kelly's Green Market- Microgreens

Kelly's Green Market- Microgreens

Meet Kelly of Kelly's Green Market

Kelly Greens is excited to be featured on the Food and Meat Co-Op. Owners and operators, Kelly and Dawn Killpack are Utah residents located in Magna. We have a strong belief that healthy foods are the way of the future. Kelly has always wanted to be a farmer and when he heard about Microgreens; he did hours and hours of research so he could learn every detail about them. He got excited! This was something he could do and would help fulfill his dream of being a farmer. He also knew they would be a great contribution to encouraging people to eat healthier, which he feels strongly about. We love sharing free samples with friends and neighbors, they all love them.

So, Kelly Greens was formed. It has been a family project and has been fun for all of us to learn. Here is some information so you can learn a little too. Microgreens are among the most nutrient dense foods available. Concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes are most available at this stage of development. They use less water and no need for fertilizer or pesticides. The leftover medium is composted and fed to our backyard chickens, who love it!

Microgreens are typically harvested within 24 hours of delivery, providing a longer shelf life and the best quality. We are excited to offer 5 different greens on our website. Sunflower- Sweet Pea- Broccoli- Radish and Salad Mix.

So, Kelly’s dream of becoming a farmer has come to life and he is now running this family business full time and loving every minute. He says, he now looks forward to Mondays and enjoys being an urban farmer.

Check out the interview Cassie has with Kelly, Our microgreens farmer!

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