It's Local Utah Produce Time! Non-GMO, Organic and Regenerative Farming Practices for AMAZING food!

It's Local Utah Produce Time! Non-GMO, Organic and Regenerative Farming Practices for AMAZING food!

We have a dedicated produce farmer that grows corn, tomatoes and melons for our co-op. The harvest season is only about 10 weeks through August and September (slightly in Oct).

Ya'll remember those melons from last year? TO DIE FOR. And the corn? AMAZING. We froze ours and enjoyed it for MONTHS. He will have Non-Gmo Sweet corn, Heirloom slicing and Roma tomatoes, cantaloupe and honeydew!

Our normal mobile farmer's market is once a month for the meats and foods. So we are arranging special pickups through the Wasatch front to supply families with this amazing local produce product and to take care of our local farmer!

And it has been a tough year with the Utah drought, and although our co-op farmer has felt the impact, because of his regenerative farming practices, he has been in better shape to provide local produce for us!

About the Farmer:

Jared has a passion for growing local, non-gmo produce with organic practices. He goes above and beyond in making nutritious foods. Not only does he grow non-gmo produce with organic practices, he also uses regenerative farming as his method of farming.

>>>Learn about regenerative farming practices here<<<

Farmer Jared is a hoot and we appreciate his dedication to his land and crops. He pays super close to his soil and the microbiomes, uses his own fertilizer, and he focuses on cover crop method for weed control instead of relying on sprays. I love that he tends to his soil so carefully resulting in some extra nutrient dense food for us! Crème de la crème, ya'll!

*By completing this form, you are expressing interest in the foods offered through our co-op and will become a part of our email and text list. We will notify you directly when the local produce becomes available in your specific closest area.

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**If you are interested in having a drop in your neighborhood for freshly picked local produce, please check that box so we can contact you! We are looking for 2-5 drop off areas per week for the next 10 weeks across the valley. Email with the details of how this works will be sent to you to find out if you would like to be a drop off host!


- Cassie and Vanessa (Food and Meat Co-op Co-Founders)

The Food and Meat Co-op in Utah is trying to support our local food systems and farmers.

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