It’s the season for seasonings - The Kombuchery in Utah Story

It’s the season for seasonings - The Kombuchery in Utah Story

We are pleased to offer custom meat spice blends made right here in Utah by one of our Community Members and Utah business - The Kombuchery!

Founder of The Kombuchery in Utah - Custom Meat Rubs

She makes these delicious spices and wants to offer a deal for our community to combine with our delicious farm fresh meats!

Visit The Kombuchery online and order directly HERE but pickup at one of our pickup locations (schedule HERE). You will select a co-op pickup at checkout.

At checkout use coupon code: FMC10SR for 10% off your spice rubs!

Now read about this amazing local Utah business from a Food and Meat Co-op member!

Meat spice rubs local Utah spice company

Summer is fast approaching and so is the time to turn off our ovens and to heat up our grills. Outdoor cooking is about easy, sumptuous meals that don’t require a lot of prep time. But just throwing your meat on the grill isn’t enough to yield tasty results.

Spice rubs are a wonderful way to please your palate, but the time it takes to gather, mix and perfect your seasoning blend can get lengthy and expensive. I am going to level with you; I have already done the work for you because I had to do it for myself.

I am not the best when it comes to cooking meat. I can rock desserts, roll the world of artisan breads and obviously, blow up your taste buds with my kombucha brews. But I am sorely lacking in the meat preparation department. I am woman with Southern roots, so this lack of grilling ability needed to be remedied.

I wanted a simple solution that would allow me to have flavorful steaks, chops and chicken wings that complimented the meat but did not overwhelm it. I wanted the perfect spice rub. In my journey I found that there were some very mediocre to downright bland options out there. I set out to do better and I believe I have.

The Kombuchery has a range of spice mixes that will elevate the taste of your meats. Whether you are smoking, barbecuing or even roasting in your oven, our seasonings will add a complimentary flavor boosts. I find those dry rubs are a better option when smoking and grilling because they do not add excess moisture to your meat. This is important when you want a nice sear on your meat. Moisture creates steam. Using rubs is super simple, apply the rub an hour before to overnight and you are ready to go.

Let me introduce you to a few of The Kombuchery’s spice rub superstars. I will make suggestions, but in the end let your taste buds be your guide. You do you, just be sure to use a dash of flavor from The Kombuchery.

Spice Rubs from Kombuchery local Utah Business

Chipotle & Cocoa

For those of you whose first thought was “chocolate and meat?!” get your mind out of the Hershey bar. This is our all-time most popular rub. It starts with a base of dark, Dutch-process cocoa powder that adds a depth of flavor that your guests won’t be able to place. The chipotle adds noticeable, smoky warmth, but it won’t blow your head off. Our family really enjoys this on steak but it’s good on pork and chicken too.


Who doesn’t love a good burger off the grill? Drive-In is the perfect seasoning for burgers and fries alike. Here a bonus to this spice blend, it is great to use in soups, stews and even pot pies. Yum.

Rib Tickler & Rib Tickler II

Two spice rubs with similar name and different ingredients. Both are made to tickle your taste buds. Both are made to go on ribs, but now you have to choose which one you prefer.

For me, Rib Tickler is what I want on pork ribs. I find that the smoky sweet blend speaks to me best on pork ribs or even a pork roast. See if you can taste the hint of cinnamon that grows in depth when grilling or smoking your meat.

Rib Tickler II has a kick from lemon pepper that I prefer on beef ribs. There is a pinch of cayenne for warmth, but nothing crazy. A bit sweet. A bit tangy. A bit spicy. That is how I like my beef ribs. Keep the temperatures low so you don’t burn the rub.

Memphis Dust

Memphis is the home of dry ribs. That means they grill for flavor and sauce isn’t invited to the barbecue. This blend is meant to allow the meat and spices to work hand in hand to create an ideal bark (crust) on the meat. Memphis Dust is what you want when you are cooking your meat slow and low.

For those watching their salt intake, this is your rub. No salt has been added, so the process for flavoring the meat does have an extra step when it comes to using Memphis Dust. Salt your meat to taste and then add your rub; we recommend about 2 tbsp per slab of ribs. This is a great rub that penetrates even more with time, so season your meat overnight when possible. Memphis Dust is ideal for chicken wings and salmon too.

We hope this gets your palates ready for the summer. Let me know what questions you have at

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