Ham-The Holiday Staple

Ham-The Holiday Staple

Ham is great to add to any festive table setting. With the ease of prep and an endless option of flavorings and sides, ham is the holiday staple everyone is buying for their family dinner.

Thankfully, we have great ham options here at the CoOp, so you can mark that off your to-do list! Let’s go over some of our different hams products, some fun ways to fix them, and a little bit about the company we partnered with! Get your holiday season off on the right foot with a delicious centerpiece for your holiday table!

What Cut of Pork is a Holiday Ham?

Ham is a staple to most families’ traditional Christmas dinners. While many people probably don’t think too much about it, there are some different cuts that the ham can come from, and it can affect the unique flavor of the meat.

The shank end of the ham comes from the back leg, and the meat tends to be leaner and offers a little easier slicing when ready to serve. Another common cut is from the butt end of the ham, and this brings richer, fatty meat from the animal.

Either cut is a great option to serve to friends and family and will offer natural juices and flavorings to satisfy everyone that comes to the table.

Many families like to purchase spiral-cut ham so that they can have thin slices and really savor the quality of the meat when eating. If you aren’t taking advantage of the awesome hams we offer here at the CoOp; we strongly recommend you go to a local butcher shop and talk with them about the different cuts available for a good ham to serve for your holiday meal.

How Big of Ham Should You Buy?

Deciding on what size of ham to buy will depend on how many family members you will be serving with your main course. A good rule of thumb is to try and factor in about ½ a pound per person when serving a bone-in ham or ¼ pound for a boneless ham option.

When you’re planning your next holiday dinner or helping someone else put together different special occasions, be sure and look at the ham’s overall weight and divide that into the total number of people it needs to serve. Keep in mind there will be many other delicious sides and treats at the table, so if you’re off just a little, I bet everyone will still not leave hungry!

How to Cook a Holiday Ham

The type of ham that you are cooking will determine the time it takes to cook. Most hams that you can pick up from the grocery store are considered city ham and have already been cooked (typically smoked) and only need to be thoroughly warmed up. The average time to cook a ham is about 15-20 minutes at 325°F or until the ham reaches an internal temperature of 140°F.

There are options for uncooked ham or raw fresh ham, but they aren’t quite as common. It takes closer to 22-26 minutes per pound to cook.

Many holiday hams you buy will come with a dry rub, sweet glaze, brown sugar, or other options to add in some more savory flavors. You can also create your own or add some pineapple juice for a great addition to your delicious ham!

Hams are great for holiday cooking because you can put them in the oven and move on with all of the other tasks at hand. Once you find the best way to season your ham, you will be set for all holidays and special occasions going forward!

Fun Ways to Use Leftover Holiday Ham

After hosting a large holiday meal, the good news is that you get to take advantage of all the different ways you can use leftover ham!

You can always pair it with any leftover sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, or other classic side dishes you might have, but you can also add in some different common ingredients to appeal to your taste buds!

One tasty twist to using those ham leftovers is to pair it with some bacon and roasted brussel sprouts, or pair it with some eggs and toast for a great next-day breakfast that is sure to be a popular choice with everyone that is still in your house.

If you still have pounds of ham left over and you want to be able to enjoy it later in the year, it’s a good idea to freeze it! You can also freeze the ham bone for soups and stews!

If you have used up all of your ham leftovers and are looking for other options for adding delicious ham into your family meals, take a look at our 10-pound Bone-In Ham Steaks andChicken Cordon Bleu to spice things up!

Have you purchased from the CoOp and are wondering what a VIP Membership could do for your family? Check it out and be sure and let us know if you have any questions! We are so excited to bring you amazing products to serve your families!

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