Everyone's Pita Bread, free from the top 8 food allergies

Everyone's Pita Bread, free from the top 8 food allergies

When I traveled through Greece many years ago, I fell in love with chicken, beef, and lamb gyros. I think we ate them everyday. They were sold just about everywhere for a small price. The pita bread was what really made me fall in love with them, if I'm being honest. There was something about the warm, fluffy pita (not the pocket kind) that had a soft interior and a slight crisp on the outside from being gently fried in a pan. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

When my family went gluten-free many years ago, I had it on my list to make amazing pita bread. This recipe comes together in minutes and is so simple to make. Now you get to make it too. It makes any Greek or Mediterranean meal taste delicious and authentic. We make these in big batches and freeze the leftovers. Chicken gyros and falafel are at the top of our list that we love using these pitas for. These pitas can also be used for anything else you like, we often use them in place of tortillas. Grab our Rustic Scoopโ„ข Pizza Crust Mix so you can make these soon! It is part of the Rustic Scoop Sampler box!
Here is the video instructions to make these amazing Gluten Free Pita Bread that everyone can enjoy!

Pita Bread
by: Laura Cooper @ Rustic Scoop


1 Rustic Scoopโ„ข Pizza Crust mix
1/3 Cup Whole psyllium husk (included with your order)
1 Tablespoon granulated or liquid sweetener of choice
2 teaspoons Active dry yeast
2 teaspoons White vinegar, apple cider vinegar would work as well
1/4 Cup Neutral tasting oil
1 1/4 Cup Warm water
1 1/4 Cup Milk of choice

In a mixing bowl fitted with a paddle, put in the Rustic Scoopโ„ข Pizza Crust mix, granulated sweetener, and yeast. Blend until well combined. Next, add all of the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix until well combined.

Preheat a pan on your stove with olive oil on medium heat. Prepare two pieces of parchment paper without creases or folds in them. Spray one side of each piece with non-stick spray. Using a large scoop, or 1/3 measuring Cup, get a heaping scoop of your dough and place it on one side of the parchment paper with non-stick spray. Place your other piece of parchment paper, sprayed side down on top of the ball of dough. Using the heel of your hand or rolling pin, roll the dough out into a circle about ยผ inch thick. I press these out easily with the heel of my hand.

Peel the top piece of parchment paper off the dough, flip the other piece of parchment paper with dough on it into your preheated pan, dough side down. Gently peel the piece of parchment paper off the top. Fry for about 1 minute, flip and fry the other side for about 1 minute. The pita should be soft, pliable, and golden brown when done. While the pita is frying, press out your next dough. Repeat until all of your pitas are made. Recipe makes 12 pitas. Eat fresh or freeze in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Happy Baking,
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