Product Review Contest: Unleashing Your Honest Opinion

Product Review Contest: Unleashing Your Honest Opinion

Community Buying Power!

As majority of you know that the driving force behind the Food and Meat Co-op is the community group buying poweer so with that comes the need to be able to hear from our loyal community members about what they love about our products. We understand the value of this community and the impact it has on shaping our offerings. That's why we believe in the importance of hearing directly from our loyal community members about what they love most about our products.

Your Opinion Matters:

As a valued member of our community, your opinion matters greatly to us. We want to ensure that the products we offer align with your preferences and expectations. By sharing your thoughts and feedback, you contribute to the continuous improvement of our offerings, making them even more tailored to your needs.

Enter our Contest:

How to enter:

1. Find a product you love!

2. Look for the stars and leave a review!


  • Contest Starts June 1st

  • Contest Ends Aug. 31st

  • Earn 1 entry for each product review

  • Earn 5 entries for leaving a picture of the product in the review

  • Earn 10 entries for leaving a 10 sec. Video of product in the review!

  • Winner will be emailed!

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    What! Gf ravioli?? Yep, and it is awesome! It doesn’t even fall apart like other gf pastas.

    Julie Horlacher

    I have ordered the chicken breasts, twice and love them. The connivence of having them available when I need them. I also ordered some skinless boneless thighs, haven’t tried them yet, but they are ready and waiting for me. Thank you for this service. I’m an definitely interested in the chest freezer, and will put it to good use!!!!!

    Shirley Hillhouse

    We absolutely love the gf pizza crusts!! Being gf/celiac for 19 years, we’ve tried them all. These are the best!!!

    Julie Horlacher

    I love the chicken breasts!!!! It is so awesome to get such a large quantity for such an incredible price. It is a goo feeling to know I have chicken in my freezer. Thank you for this service.

    Shirley Hillhouses

    This would be nice to have for my new place I hope I will get it

    Derrik Peay

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