Cleaning for the New Year? Know What's In Your Cleaning Products

Cleaning for the New Year? Know What's In Your Cleaning Products

This time of year is always a good time to give your house a good deep cleaning. With a task that takes so much time, one pro tip to learn quickly is what is in your cleaning products. This can help you focus less on harmful chemicals and more on setting yourself up with a clean house for the holiday season.

Here at our CoOp, we are always looking for new great products to offer to our customers, and this cleaning product is no exception. While we tend to focus more on natural foods and other cooking products that accommodate different sensitivities, we also know that everyone needs cleaning products! We are excited to bring you something that you can use every day, anywhere in your home, and all without having to worry about it hurting someone’s eyes!

Do You Know What's In Your Cleaning Products?

When you are looking for an all-purpose cleaner or other household product to give you a good cleaning around your home, you need to watch out for harmful chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine. These chemical products can not only be a danger to your pets but also to young family members if they were to get it in their eyes or on their skin.

The good news is that you can get a thorough cleaning in many different areas of your home without having to take the extra time of constantly stitching out types of cleaners. Knowing what’s in your cleaning products will help you and your home feel more at ease when you host your next holiday party.

What is Hypochlorous Acid?

So what is this great cleaning solution that we are talking about? It is hypochlorous acid, and it is one of the best products we have found on the market in terms of overall cleaning tools and as a better way to keep everyone in the home safe from unnecessary chemicals.

Hypochlorous is made of natural ingredients and needs to be at the proper pH level in order to be the most effective. It is a remake of your body’s natural ability to fight germs, and let’s be honest when we say our bodies are pretty amazing systems! The solution we are offering from this company is 99.9% pure hypochlorous acid and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, giving it an almost neutral pH level.

An added bonus is that this company gives you the option of creating your own in batches so that you get the correct pH level when you are cleaning today as well as when you’re touching up again in a couple of weeks, as well as all of the little quick cleaning moments in between!

What Can You Use the Hypochlorous Organic Multi Cleaner and Disinfectant For?

When you purchase your 1 Gallon Hypochlorous Organic Multi Cleaner and Disinfectant from the CoOp this month, and in the coming months, there are many different ways and places you can use it! As long as it’s not a surface that is ruined by water, it can be cleaned with hypochlorous cleaner!

  • Living Room-wipe down your coffee tables and floors, and even wipe off spots on furniture or rugs
  • Guest Room-clean off the dresser, spot clean blankets or pillows, clean off baseboards
  • Dining Room-clean the table and fancy china, wipe down the chairs and pictures
  • Kitchen-safe to use to clean countertops, the cutting board, and wipe down appliances
  • Entry Way-use to clean and disinfect one of the busiest spots in your home
  • Stainless Steel-use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all stainless steel surfaces
  • Table linens-Safe to use on linens and clothes
  • Soap Scum-spray down your tubs and sinks
  • Glass-use as a glass cleaner for mirrors, shower doors, and windows
  • Hard Surfaces-can be used on all hard surfaces without worry of chemicals messing up your belongings

As you can see, this hypochlorous organic multi-cleaner can really be a good idea to clean areas in your entire house! With its simple ingredients yet scientific powerhouse background, it will be one of the holiday cleaning tips you are sharing with all of your guests!

A Little Bit About The Company

Now that we have learned about the cleaning product itself let's look at the company behind this brand of great cleaning supplies.

Founded in 2021, founder and CEO Scott Anderson is excited to bring these supplies into your home, keeping your whole family safe and clean all at the same time! He is working on his mission of creating products that are not only safe but also eco-friendly and natural and not full of harmful chemicals.

Another way to tell that a company is confident in its products is when they offer a 30-day product performance guarantee, along with a 1-year at-home/on-site warranty!

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