6 Easy Holiday Desserts to Add to Your List

6 Easy Holiday Desserts to Add to Your List

Whether you are hosting or attending events this holiday season, it's a good idea to have some easy holiday desserts on-hand that you can put together quickly. We have put together six of our favorite holiday desserts for this time of year that are always crowd favorites and will have everyone asking you for the recipe so they can add it to their next holiday dessert table!

Making desserts can also be a great opportunity to pull together your whole family and make several recipes at once! There are so many core memories to be created when multiple people work together in a kitchen!

Gluten-Free Cinnamon Monkey Pull-Apart Bread

One of our favorite go-to recipes is the Gluten-Free Cinnamon Monkey Pull-Apart Bread. Whether you need an easy recipe for brunch or have family staying at your home and want to have something sweet to add to breakfast, this is the perfect recipe for you!

After you initiate your bread mix and put it in your bundt pan, it will take about 30 minutes for the dough to rise. You will then have a cook time of 25-30 minutes and then 10-15 minutes to let it stand after itโ€™s out of the oven. You can pull this recipe together while everyone wakes up. Another bonus, your house will smell amazing with the cinnamon and bread mixture lofting through the air first thing in the morning!

This will be a family and guest favorite that they will talk about long after it is devoured! Also, as the name describes, it is great for any guests with gluten dietary restrictions as it is gluten-free.

Here is the Video on how to Make these :

Whoopie Pies

These whoopie pies that are put together with our Rustic Scoop cake mix make a great addition to any holiday party! With each batch, you can make 11 full whoopie pies and can customize the crumbles on the inside and outside of the fluff, depending on which holiday youโ€™re celebrating. Thank peppermint for Christmas, graham crackers for Thanksgiving, and a host of other options making them something you can take to different parties and switch up each time!

With a bake time of around 12 minutes, you can knock out a lot of these in a short amount of time, and would be a lot of fun to complete with friends and family.

Holiday Variety Pack of Cookies

If youโ€™re running short on time and need to quickly get a dessert in the oven and out the door, keep these already bake cookies on hand! These goodies make for a quick grab and go treat for all the holiday parties that you will attending this season.

The unique flavors will have all of the guests raving about these cookies, and you will feel great knowing you brought something fun and festive to the table without the stress of actually having to make them from scratch!

Peppermint Bark Cheesecakes

These individual cheesecakes make for a perfect dessert to take to any holiday party this winter season! The mix of chocolate, peppermint flavor from crushed-up candy canes, and cream cheese really make these into festive desserts. Using an individual muffin pan to make this delicious treat makes it easy for guests to grab and go without needing silverware.

With a total estimated prep and cook time of around 45 minutes and the ability to make them up to 2 days before serving, this is the perfect holiday treat to keep on hand during the busy holiday season for a definite crowd pleaser.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler

There arenโ€™t many simple things about the holidays, but this 2-ingredient recipe definitely falls under that category, but just because itโ€™s easy to make doesnโ€™t mean it wonโ€™t be a delicious sweet treat. This is one of those you can throw together quickly in case you get invited to a last-minute party or maybe the new desserts you were going to try didnโ€™t turn out quite like you thought they would, and you need a backup plan that can be thrown together quickly! This sweet dessert will become one of those classic treats you turn to over and over again.

You can serve it by itself or top it with some vanilla ice cream, either way. This is an easy holiday dessert recipe that everyone will quickly become a fan of, including you! Pair it with a cup of hot cocoa or a tall glass of milk, and you will have a good reason to take a nap!

The Ultimate Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are one of the most tried-and-true holiday recipes and a great way to get family together and stretch your creativity! While many think of these as Christmas cookies only, they can also make a great addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table. When used correctly, you can even make your holiday cookie platter as part of your decor for each holiday season.

There are so many fun cookie cutters out there, and they are a relatively inexpensive and fun way to add some flair to your desserts and are a great opportunity for kids to get involved in the kitchen. If you were to ask most adults now what some of their favorite cooking memories were as kids, we bet there is a large percentage that will rate making Christmas sugar cookies around grandma's table in their Top 5!

Sugar cookies can also be a great gift to add to any holiday gift box. Throw in some peanut butter snowballs, Christmas tree brownies, gingerbread cookies, and any other festive Christmas desserts, and you will have a unique gift that all of your friends and family will love!

We hope you find our six easy holiday desserts a great addition to your holiday menus! Which ended up being your favorite recipe? Do you have a perfect holiday dessert that you always go to for your holiday parties? We canโ€™t wait to hear from you and how you tie in good food during this most wonderful time of the year! The best part about providing services here at the Co-Op is learning more about our members and how you all find ways to spend less time in the kitchen and more time surrounded by those you love!
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