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Summer Clearance: 4lb Grassfed Beef Heart

Summer Clearance: 4lb Grassfed Beef Heart

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This item is a clearance acquisition. Sometimes in our pursuit of delicious foods for the co-op, we come across a product that is an overstock from a farmer/supplier/source and being sold below wholesale pricing at a loss to "clear it out." As such, our occasional overstock items are already at the lowest possible price, so no additional discounts (like VIP Insider's) will apply to this product. 

Reason these are clearance: She is cleaning out her own freezers and had a surplus of grassfed offal - so it's time to grab your favorite organ meats that are super high quality and support local! I told her our group would TOTALLY LOVE to have this discount local grassfed buying opportunity! 

It's here!! Support local ranchers with this grassfed beef offal (organ meats and other parts)! Our ranchers and farmers need you and we need them! We want this to be the community that supports them now but we will need them even more in the future!

This one is a super deal option to grab some high-quality offal!


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