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NEW: 16 ct. Black Pepper Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet, 5 ounce

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BEEF And BACON equals food bliss!

Savor the union of exquisite flavors and premium quality with our 16 ct. Black Pepper Bacon Wrapped Beef Filet. Each hand-selected beef filet is expertly wrapped in savory bacon and seasoned with a generous coating of bold black pepper. It's the ultimate symphony of taste and texture that promises to transform every bite into a moment of pure culinary bliss.


Grill - Do Not Cook From Frozen. Remove Steaks From Sealed Pouch. Place Steaks On Preheated, Medium-High Heat Grill. Cook Approximately 24 Minutes, Turning Twice During Cooking, And To An Internal Temperature Of 160F As Measured With A Food Thermometer. Allow The Steaks To Rest For 1 Minute Before Serving.

Check out Meri cooking up this amazing steak! 


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