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LIMITED TIME: 40 lbs ALL ORGANIC, Air Chilled, Boneless, Skinless, Random Chicken Breast Pieces

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is $199.60 for 40 lbs. of ORGANIC CHICKEN BREAST.  VIP Insider members receive an additional 5% off the lowest co-op prices for $189.62 per 40 lb case.

Only $4.99 per lb! 

 FIRST TIME EVER! All organic air-chilled chicken breast! PLEASE NOTE: these are the imperfect miss cuts and pieces. So if you are more concerned about the quality and not presentation or how it looks, this is the PERFECT way to get organic chicken. Get the health benefits without the higher price due to the miscut random pieces. 

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to savor the difference that all-organic, air-chilled chicken breast pieces can bring to your table. LIMITED TIME: 40 lbs ALL ORGANIC, Air Chilled, Boneless, Skinless, Random Chicken Breast Pieces – where pure taste meets culinary artistry. Elevate your meals today! The air-chilling process locks in natural juices, resulting in tender, succulent chicken that's bursting with flavor.

These will come frozen, so just need to be defrosted and repacked. I plan to cook half and freeze it and freeze the second half raw so I have already cooked organic chicken solutions for fast meals. 

Shelf life: 24 months!

From Provider:  

No Added Water
Fed Vegetarian Diet • No Preservatives
No Antibiotics Ever
Raised Without Added Hormones

 Certified Organic feeds must be Certified by the USDA and everything that goes in them must be certified as well. Mary's Organic Chicken feed does not contain any of the following:

  • NO Animal By Products

  • NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

  • NO Antibiotics Ever

  • NO Pesticide Treated Grains

  • NO Grains Grown with Chemical Fertilizers

Mary’s chickens are cooled with a state of the art “Air Chill” system.  Air Chill helps inhibit the spread of bacteria by keeping all of the chickens independent, and saves 30,000 gallons of chlorinated water every day!  Enjoy the benefits of a freshly Air Chilled chicken today!

Check out the way air chilled works in the video below! 

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2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out.