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Welcome to Food and Meat Co-Op! We Are Your Community’s Unique Source of Quality Bulk Food at Great Prices
Welcome to Food and Meat Co-Op! We Are Your Community’s Unique Source of Quality Bulk Food at Great Prices

The Food and Meat Co-op Community

Invites YOU to participate in the next food event

We all learned of the problem with the food system in America. It is broken.

From the retail shortage in 2020 to the rising prices in 2021. But we have the solution!


From your neighbor, to the farmers, to the truck drivers all the way to the volunteers, find out what makes us unique, amazing and a local foodie family!


It's hard to try something for the first time. We get it as we are picky moms and dads. But the good news is, you don't have to take our picky words for it!


The BEST part about us is the AMAZING food that you get to grace your family's table with month after month! We cover it all due to our close and unique relationships with all of our food sources!

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We connect every participant in our co-op to their food directly....


As moms, foodies, farm supporters and community advocates, we, Cassie and Vanessa, were determined to fix the problem of food access, availability and prices to our local communities by bridging the gap between you and the food source!

From the local farmers, to the national brands, we bridge it all and bring it DIRECTLY to you just as a grocery or club store would bring it, but without all of the fluff.

Thus, you are getting better foods for better prices, more food security and an amazing food community experience all in one!

We LOVE what we do and we are sure that you will love it too! It's an incredible community project where the only requirement is that you EAT and you love to SAVE money, and support your community and your local food sources at the same time.


We think not! 

Although we recognize that we are revolutionizing the food buying industry, we also realize we are doing something unique. 

So we've got some explaining to do....

Some might call it a different way to buy food. But once you participate ONE TIME you WILL TOTALLY GET IT! But until your first ever experience, we know you have questions along the way as it is new and innovative.


Let us break it down

1. It's totally not sketchy and 100% LEGIT! Yes, you are ordering online and pre-paying and YES, you are picking up your food in a PARKING LOT from the back of a refrigerated truck and not a grocery shelf...but think of it as if you are buying the foods before they hit the retail grocery shelves and you are hijacking the delivery truck. You get to reap all of those savings by eliminating all of those typical retail markups that happen after that truck has delivered all of that food to those mass retailers. You are DISRUPTING the chain and supporting your food producers directly instead of the retailers directly.

2. Yes, we provide 100% USDA approved and inspected foods direct-from-the-source. The food is safer than ever because it is not hitting the store shelves for many to touch, inspect and handle. The only other ones that handle your food is the farmers, butcher and packers. We don't even touch it! It's already packed in foodservice packaging and we only touch the outer box!

3. Yes, you are directly supporting the food producers across your state, region and nation! We source locally FIRST and as much as possible. But we all know that one state does not produce every food we love, so we source from neighboring states second and then the U.S. third to make a well rounded food supply. So every food you have is helping the local and national economy. This is a positive direct benefit to one of our most important assets in our state and country = FOOD PRODUCERS!

How to Participate!

  1. Our sales are only open for a few days before pickup each month. So if you found us between community sales, join your local waitlist via email and text message. 
  2. Once the sale opens, we send emails AND text messages to those on this list FIRST before we announce to your local community that we are accepting direct orders. 
  3. When you receive notification, jump on the link provided or at and see the foods available for THAT MONTH ONLY and choose the 2-4 items you want (most people grab 3 items each month). 
  4. Take note of our pickup location, date and time and add it to your calendar. 
  5. Meet us in the parking lot at the specified date/time! We look forward to meeting you and being a part of your food family! 
  6. Take the foods home and enjoy all month long and repeat next month with new foods and selection. 
  7. Rest assured that you are getting good quality foods and meats for a great price and food security each month due to our unique relationship with our suppliers each month.

So that's pretty much the long and short of it new friend! We just need you to be a part of this amazing community and help us fix the broken food system! 

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You should pick us

We are taking the wholesale, bulk food world by storm with thousands of others in our state. The more people we get to participate means more savings, more food selection and more positive food impact for all!

  • Eat fresher, healthier food from trusted suppliers
  • Have food security with bulk buying during these weird times
  • Save loads of money vs. similar high quality meats
  • Direct from source to your trunk

Don't miss the next event: See what's available in August!

get best deals right now!

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