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ALREADY PREPPED 38 lb Case Boneless, Skinless Natural Chicken Thighs, Vacuum Packed in Sous Vide Bags and Freezer Ready

ALREADY PREPPED 38 lb Case Boneless, Skinless Natural Chicken Thighs, Vacuum Packed in Sous Vide Bags and Freezer Ready

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Direct co-op pricing discount is a 38 lb box for $142.50 per case. VIP Insider Members get 5% off the already low co-op pricing for $135.38 per case.

Only $3.75 for meal ready boneless, skinless chicken thighs!ย 

We are making one of our most coveted products even easier to deal with by taking all of the work out of the bulk chicken for you with our vacuum-packed thighs and completely prepped for the freezer. These are also packed in sous vide bags which means you can boil/cook in the bag for meal prep ease too!

Each bulk box of fresh untrimmed bulk chicken is taken to our USDA-certified kitchen located right here in Utah and vacuum-packed in a 2 lb thigh pack. It is then frozen fresh to preserve flavor. When you pick up your chicken, you will find that all you have to do is place it in your freezer. This is also a great box to get to split with others as it is already ready to go and easy to split the 2-lb packs.

The highly coveted boneless, skinless, natural chicken thighs are here! This part of the chicken is one of the most requested because of the rich taste, as well as versatility and ease of cooking. In fact, this article shares 11 Reasons Why We Love Chicken Thighs and each reason speaks for itself. Between the bits of extra fats, dark meat, and tenderness, you will experience mouth joy that is hard to achieve with any other cut of chicken.
But to truly enjoy chicken thighs to their fullest, you need to start with a FRESH great quality thigh in the first place. We have sourced some of the best fresh thighs you can find on the market for a great wholesale market price.
These are a very popular product and are ready to grace your table with a savory, rich, fresh-from-the-butcher experience! This source of fresh boneless, skinless chicken thighs raises its chickens on a small U.S. farm and processes and packs them in Koch Foods facility. They are a high-quality farm fresh product, straight to you in just a few days!
- fresh case of fresh, boneless, skinless, natural chicken thighs ready for packaging exactly how you want it!
- Born, raised, harvested, and processed all on US soil
- No added hormones or steroids and is antibiotic free
- Chicken comes trimmed, but leaving some fats allows for that rich flavor (also making it perfect for Keto)! Depending on how much fat you like on your thighs, a small amount of extra trimming may be needed.


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