Collection: Extra Deals Added 3/12

We have extra deals available for our community today! The biggest items are the new emergency prep items plus a few overstocks. And back by popular request is uncured beef bacon! 

Check out the limited time Emergency Preparedness items available this month only. 

For only $45.96 (savings of $16.94 over Ready Hour website) you can get a fire mask and 72 Hr freeze dried food kits for each person in your household to cover the basic level of emergency safety. So this is a great month to grab those items! 

Plus, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we have Powdered Whey Milk available in easy to use pouches! This is an EXCELLENT choice to have in food storage for so many reasons (affordable, versatile, long lasting, and nourishes the body).  

Please note the following pickup and delivery schedule that starts April 2nd HERE.

Also, there are only 8 events in Utah in 2024 instead of monthly. As such, each ordering window is now 6-7 weeks instead of 3. 

So we will be releasing foods as we lock in pricing. 

Watch on Friday 3/15 as we will be releasing FRESH Chicken, Beef and Bacon 

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