Farmer's Market Page - Draft Items

Down below, you will find the individual online markets for each of our independent sellers from local pasture raised meats, to organic and ancient grains, local non-gmo produce, to local food artisans and much more!

You get to choose which one you would like to virtually shop at and complete the form. For most of these, they are independent of the official co-op and you would pay them directly, but they will bring your products to our on-site pickups for one convenient pickup experience!

Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Foods with Group Discount pricing through the co-op

Best value long-term food storage - Utah

Local Non-GMO Corn, Tomatoes and Melons

Our local Non-GMO farmer Jared who grows and provides the corn, tomatoes and melons for our co-op for 10 weeks out of the year (the short UT harvest time) is providing produce for us this month! We only have a few opportunities to enjoy this local produce, so stock up while you can! Please read about this local farmer and his organic and regenerative farming practices here.

Order FRESH Non-GMO local Glohaven Peaches

We are excited to be partnering up again this year with another one of our favorite local farmers for the short peach season in Utah.

If you would like to order peaches for pickup this month, please note, you will need to complete the form below and pay the farmer directly through Venmo.

Help a Local Farmer Out During this Drought!

We are collecting interest from local Utah and Idaho Families to help Utah and Idaho Farmers survive through this drought by selling off the animals that they can no longer afford to raise at this time. Please read the details on the form!

*If you are a local food producer or supplier and would like to partner with us either through our mass local pickup events where we provide food for thousands of Utahns, or as an Independent Seller in our Online Farmer's Market, please email Cassie and Vanessa at

We look forward to hearing from you!

These local farmers and producers are taking a break in August and will be back in future months, so you can fill out the form to be notified of future events, but nothing to purchase as this time!

Khorasan Mills - Clean, Healthy, Organic Grains

Preserving the ancient tradition of healthy grains - Pleasant Grove, UT

Restoration Food and Farm - Restoring Health from Soil to Soul

Silvo-Pasture Raised Chickens (a.k.a. the best pasture raised poultry possible) - Kamas, UT