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Student Fundraiser: 12 Ct. Pack Chocolate Bars Assorted Pack: Classic Varieties (Salted Caramel, Salted Almond, Midnight Snack and Chocolate Mint))

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This product is featured to support local students. 

Help students raise funds to get to Greece with their Greek Literature class AND get a better deal on this amazing product. 

Hammonds Gourmet Chocolates makes specialty chocolate bars with some crazy, but amazing flavor combos. Candy bars that you can't et anywhere else!

In this variety pack, this is the "Classic" themed pack that contains 3 bars of 4 flavors. Midnight snack is going to be a new favorite - it's all of the late night indulgences in one slick bar like pretzels, cookies, brittle, marshmallow, and cereal! 

Here are the varieties included in this pack: 

  • 3 Midnight Snack ( Pretzels, cookies, brittle, marshmallow, and cereal)
  • 3 Sea Side Caramel 
  • 3 Salted Almond
  • 3 Mint Chocolate Chip

Pictures of the ingredients, allergens and nutritionals posted in pictures below. 

Each candy bar sells for $4 (plus shipping of $2 per bar), but the co-op price is $3.25 per bar in a 12 pack case.  So get a discount and the proceeds go to local high school students! 

When you get this product, you can just pick it up with your regular co-op orders.