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OVERSTOCK DEAL: 12pk of 20oz Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix (only $2 each)

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This item is an OVERSTOCK acquisition. Sometimes in our pursuit of delicious foods for the co-op, we come across a product that is an overstock from a farmer/supplier/source and being sold below wholesale pricing at a loss to "clear it out." As such, our occasional overstock items are already at the lowest possible price, so no additional discounts (like VIP Insider's) will apply to this product.Ā 

Wow! What an awesome Overstock Find! We are so thankful for what our co-op is able to find and achieve in the world of wonderful food deals to bless our community!

How about Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix 20oz. pouches for only $2 each!! The Best By Date is 3/31/2022.Ā 

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Moist and light. Easy to prepare. Wheat free. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. All-natural product. You can see our quality. Stoneground whole grain cornmeal and sorghum impart an unmatched flavor and texture from another era to our Gluten Free Cornbread Mix. After easy preparation, you will bake perfectly moist and light cornbread. Bob's Red Mill products labeled Gluten Free are batch tested in our quality control laboratory. We use an Elisa Gluten Assay test to determine if the product is gluten-free.

Bob's Red Mill gluten-free cornbread mixBobā€™s Red Mill gluten-free cornbread mixĀ made from stone-ground, whole grain cornmeal and sorghum has an unmatched flavor and texture from another era. After easy preparation, you will bake perfectly moist and light cornbread. It is specially designed for those sensitive to wheat or gluten. The mix is full of whole-grain goodness and consists of whole-grain cornmeal, whole grain sorghum flour, whole grain corn flour, and tapioca flour. This is sold in pack of four 20-ounce bags.

About Gluten Free
Bobā€™s Red Mill has been praised repeatedly for their dedication to producing products that are free from gluten. People suffering from celiac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or who are avoiding gluten for other health reasons can feel assured by the Bobā€™s Red Mill gluten-free symbol. This gluten-free symbol is placed only on those products that meet the standard of no more than 20 parts per million, which is established through a gluten test performed in the quality control laboratory. In an effort to better serve their allergen sensitive consumers, their gluten-free facility is also dairy and casein free.

Bob's Red MillAbout Bobā€™s Red Mill
Bobā€™s Red Mill produces more than 400 products, including a full line of certified gluten-free products and an extensive line of certified organic products. With a wide variety of whole-grain products, from flours and hot cereals to baking mixes and grains, Bobā€™s Red Mill has ā€œwhole grain foods for every meal of the dayā€.

Bobā€™s Red Mill is the nationā€™s leader in stone milling and offers the widest diversity of whole grains found anywhere. They are dedicated to producing natural foods in a natural way. Try their outstanding products today and you will not be disappointed--that is a guarantee.


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